Registration for the Cosplay Contest

Based on the number of applications so far, we have decided to allow registrations for the Cosplay Contest at GalaCon until Saturday, 1 PM. If you want to register, please report to the convention office on 1st floor.

Online registrations will be closed at Wednesday, July 27th due to organizational reasons.

For late registrations, a participation in the pre-judgement will not be possible.

GalaBall Dresscode

Hi everyone.

Looking forward to the Gala ball already?
Like every year, we have a dress code. Don’t worry, it’s noting “posh & expensive”.
And by popular demand we relaxed the emphasis on the shoes a little bit.

Below you will find a PDF with a guideline for your outfit or dress.
Dresscode for GalaCon 2016 (english)

Greetings, your GalaCon team

10 % Discount at HobbyFOTO

Especially for cosplayers and visitors of GalaCon 2016, the Ludwigsburg photo studio HobbyFOTO (Seestraße 14, 71638 Ludwigsburg, approx. 5 minutes afoot from the venue) offers 10 % discount on all services at their store. All you need is your convention ticket for verification.

Make use of this great possibility and get yourself a couple of souvenir photos!

Thanks to HobbyFOTO for this great offer!

Announcing the First Prize of the Cosplay Contest

We are glad to offer the overall winner of the GalaCon 2016 Cosplay Contest again the posibility of having an exclusive photo session in the gardens of Ludwigsburg castle, “Blühendes Barock”.

The gardens offer many beautiful and romantic views, just the right place for a great souvenir photo to remember your achievement and the great time at GalaCon.

Also thanks to the operator for making the photo session possible.

For more information about the contest and sign-up, please visit the original post. You can get a first impression of the gardens on their website. 

Announcement from Enterplay (CCG Tournament)

Here´s the official announcement from Enterplay regarding the CCG Tournament at GalaCon:

We’ve been working hard to expand our organized play programs both in the US and abroad – we’re pleased to announce that this summer, players will be able to compete in the European Continental Championships at Galacon in Ludwigsberg, Germany, July 30th and 31st!

The European Continentals are hosted by Amigo Spiele and will be in a Harmony Constructed format. Prizing for the event will include the same Night Glider, Overpowering special foil that will debut at the North American Continentals! More details about prizing will be announced soon.

As Europe has not had a full allotment of Store and Regional Championships for players to qualify for Continentals, the event will be open to all European players – no invitation required to compete! Players who placed in the Top 2 at a European Regional Championship will receive a round 1 bye, allowing them to advance to round 2 with a win in hand.

– Enterplay LLC, July 2nd via Facebook


Attention Cosplayers!

Applications are still open, so don´t forget to sign up in time!

As you wished, our jury consists this year of professional cosplayers to make the competition extra fair and we offer a pre-judgement that gives you some extra time to talk to the jury before the contest and present your cosplay.

More information and sign-up forms here. 

Anypony who likes trains?

We know that there are some Bronies who are also interested in trains. Accidentally, we have heard that the famous Swabia steam train “Feuriger Elias” will be stopping at July 31st, 09:00 AM in Ludwigsburg.

So there´s enough time to head to the station and see a genuine historic steam train before the first panel starts. A chance you should take!

P.S.: The train will ride to Ulm and come back to Ludwigsburg at about 07:00 PM. So there´s a second chance if you can´t make it in the morning.

Timetable and more information here.