Announcing Vocal Score as our Community Guest and Main Act for Gala Ball

A well-known and beloved GalaCon veteran will return: Vocal Score is visiting us again as a Community Guest and main act of the Gala Ball.


Vocal Score is a professional musician who first started out in the fandom by writing little songs to explore our favourite pony’s characters a bit more. He started to get noticed though with his interesting versions of popular fandom songs. Vocal has taken electronic and rap songs and given them his own special twist, a style unlike any other.

When he’s not working in his own music, Vocal travels the world, playing music at five star hotels and on board cruise ships. He’s also played several brony conventions, and this will be his second time playing at GalaCon, since we loved his performance so much last year!

He actually wants as many people as possible to throw song requests for him to play this year at GalaCon, so head over to his Twitter (@vocalscorepony) and request some songs!

Also visit his YouTube channel for getting the tune. 

Announcing our Timetable, still with Surprises

This timetable might go through some changes and there are still a few panels and shows that have not yet been announced. But still, this timetable should help you to make first plannings and decide what panels you would like to attend.

Click here to see the latest version of the timetable.

Of course there will be a Video Games Room, a Karaoke Room, the Plushie Panel, signing sessions, the Gala Ball and the great Amigo CCG Tournament. These events are yet excluded.

Exact times and room locations will be announced with the final timetable and the room plan.

Announcing Line-Up for the Gala Party

Of course, the Gala Party is one of the most important events of GalaCon and of course you all are waiting for the line-up.

We have reviewed many applications, browsed hundereds of minutes of music and found a set of the best Brony DJs to give you an incomparatible experience.

First DJ is last year’s second fan favourite 174UDSI, followed by DJ Delta who you may know from Lovemuffin, Czequestria, WWU Wildflecken and Lunafest Hamburg, and also well-known DJ Waranto Wingbeat who will get you all going with his professional live mixes.

The line-up is completed by Hip Hop Artist MC-Arch from the Netherlands you may know from BronyFair 2016. He will bring up a co-operation with 174UDSI and show you a set of his best Brony raps.

Places to See in Ludwigsburg – Castle and Gardens

Ever wanted to feel like Princess Celestia preparing for a visit in her castle or like Fluttershy roaming the beautiful, romantic gardens of Canterlot after dancing at the Grand Gallopping Gala?

Now you can – at GalaCon 2016 in the baroque castle facilities in Ludwigsburg, just a few minutes away from our venue.

The great garden “Blühendes Barock – Blooming Baroque” with a great view at the castle and beautiful, colorful patches. It also has a fairytale garden and a calm forest to relax.

Right behind you will find the “Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg” once the kings of Württemberg used to live.

And because walking around in just one castle can become boring at some time, there is also the “Seeschloss Monrepos” and the “Lustschloss Favourite” to visit.

For more information, visit the facilities’ homepages:

Announcing “Dramatic Reading and Voice Acting” by VisualPony

In his panel, VisualPony gives you an insight into the art of dramatic reading and voice acting, pointing out the important parts and tricks.

He will also show you how to record your stories for publication and how to choose and use the right software.

This panel is not only recommended for those who are already voice acting, but also for fanfiction writers who are interested to present their art to a greater audience or for anyone who would like to participate in an animation or game project as a voice actor.

Announcing “PixelShy: Flash Games and Animations” and a Premiere

We are very happy to announce that Flash Animator Draco Blair will be coming to GalaCon 2016 to present his Project “PixelShy” – a game he has been working on for many years, also involving a great number of voice artists.

So his project is kind of a big deal – a big deal that is yet only known from little teasers and examples, but shall finally come to public sight at our convention.

During his Panel, he will of course mainly talk about Flash Animation and coding in AS3 and give a short overwiev over his art.

Additionaly, he will be giving you a 8 minutes premiere sequence of his game – only at GalaCon and never seen before!

Great CCG Tournament at GalaCon 2016

Our partner and European publisher of the My Little Pony CCG will take the chance of having that many Bronies from all so many countries together at one big event and bring the European Continental Championships to GalaCon 2016!

The details are yet to be announced – so stay tuned and make sure you get your ticket in time!

Places to see during your stay in Ludwigsburg

If you plan to stay for a bit longer in Ludwigsburg Germany, we’d love to show you some really great places to visit.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum spans across 9 floors to present the 125 year old history about automobile industry in Stuttgart. Only about 30km far away from our venue, you can learn more about design, sports and technology.

We will keep you updated about some of the most brilliant places for you to visit for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Announcing Yasi’s Plushie Panel

Our little cuddly, soft plush ponies have always been our best friends and some of us would give their whole rent and wait for months just for one portrayal of their original character or favourite pony.

This noble art of plushie crafting is only understood and acted out by the few chosen ones who share the gift of having magic hooves, one may think by walking through the rows of beautiful plushies smiling from the stalls at the GalaCon vendor area – wrong! Anyone can do it with a little skill and practice. And German plushie maker Yasi will show you how.

No matter if you want to become a plushie artist yourself, just make a plushie using a given pattern for you and a few friends or even just want to get a glance at how your little plush friends come to live, you are welcome at her plushie panel. Yasi will show you the process of developing a pattern, choosing the materials, sewing the plushie and finishing the overall artwork, also showing you some tricks and how to avoid common mistakes.

Exact time and location will be announced later in the timetable.

Curtain Up for GalaCon Game Show Summer!

When planning our convention program and the set of panels and shows, we always try to look for something new, something exciting to please our visitors needs. We learn from your feedback and are always happy to see a novelty panel rise from a plain item to a big part of our convention.

One of this start-ups was Pony Jeopardy, the first game show at GalaCon that immediately caught on with the audience and became one of the most popular panels at last year’s convention.

Because Pony Jeopardy was such a great success, we will not only repeat the show in an improved and advanced shape – there will additionally be a Pony version of the well-known Family Feud to make your GalaCon experience even more exciting!

Therefore “curtain up” for the GalaCon Game Show Summer where you can not only watch and ask our guests and panelists, but also become an actual part of the show and put your knowledge about the show and fandom on the test.

So don´t miss our game shows taking place on both Saturday and Sunday in overall four rounds. There will even be a little – but still very exciting – surprise at the end, so don´t leave to early.

Exact show times and locations will be announced in the timetable later.