Cosplay and autographs Q&A

Hello everyone,

we just wanted to give you a few details about the upcoming cosplay contest and our showguests’ autograph sessions.

Cosplay Contest:

Q: Where can I sign up for the contest?
A: It’s simple! If you haven’t signed up already by email, just fill out our application form at our GalaCon InfoCounter next to the BIZAAM entrance.

Q: Can anyone participate in the contest?
A: Basically yes. However, your cosplay will have to comply with our Cosplay Contest Rules, Part B.

Autograph sessions:

Q: How much do autographs cost?
A: Each autograph costs EUR 5.00 (five Euros) per signature.

Q: Can I have more than one item signed?
A: Yes, each person will be able to get a maximum of two signatures per guest and session. However, you will also have to buy two autograph cards for this.

Q: Do I need to get the autograph card signed?
A: No, you can have any item signed.

Q:  Do I also need to pay the autograph fee as a BIZAAM ticket owner?
A: No, the autographs in the BIZAAM exclusive signing session are free of charge.

We hope you will all have a great time at GalaCon!

Your GalaCon team


ConGuide 2014

We know you’ve all been waiting for it, so here it is : Our 2014 convention guide!
A huge thanks from our team goes to daMatt for all his hard work!


See you all in a few days,

Your GalaCon team

Last minute Q&A

Dear visitors,

with GalaCon only a few days away, we just wanted to give you all the vital information for your trip to Ludwigsburg. Here’s a simple Q&A:

Q: How do I get to GalaCon?
A: GalaCon will take place in the “Forum am Schlosspark” in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The address is Stuttgarter Straße 33 in 71638 Ludwigsburg. If you’re traveling by car, there is a huge, very cheap parking space right next to the Forum. If you’re traveling to GalaCon by train, your station is “Ludwigsburg”. The forum is only a short walk from the train station.

Q: How do I get my GalaCon ticket?
A: You will get your physical GalaCon ticket right at the venue. Just bring along your order number and your id card or passport. We’ll need to verify your order is valid within our system. BIZZAM and PLUS ticket holders will get their tickets at a seperate entrance.

Q: When should I be at the venue?
A: We will start the checkin process at 8:00am on Saturday. The doors will open at 9:30am, so please make sure to be there early enough to get your ticket.

Q: What about the time table and everything else?
A: Every visitor will get a convention guide with all the important information.  The guide will also be available on our website shortly.

We wish you all a good journey to Ludwigsburg and an amazing convention!

Two weeks to go!


We are still working hard in the shadows to get everything done before the convention, and like you, we can not wait for the upcoming amazing weekend in Ludwigsburg. Though, before we ponify the home of good cars and famous cake, it is time for  our prelaunch  updates:

– Vendor Map online

Do you know where to buy the goods the community has crafted? Or maybe you have a need for plushies? Perhaps your walls look so lonely and white and need pony posters? Or on your adventures, you slashed several bushes for a few bits and rupees, which your pockets can not handle anymore? Don’t look any further, we have released the map with all the vendors you are looking for HERE!

– Venue Map online

It’s dangerous to go alone, so you will need a compass and a map to navigate the dungeon called the Forum. With our handy venue map you will find your way through the  panel and workshop rooms to find the right places to play card games on ponies, to sing against royal highnesses or just to refresh your HP bar with tasty snacks.  Look at it HERE

– Event Schedule online & Cosplay Contest reminder

The. Clock. is. ticking. – And to prevent you from boredom we have a handy time table ready for you HERE. If you like to show us your costume on the big stage, you should pre-register for our Cosplay Contest HERE.

For those who would love to have the schedule on the go – we have an app for that!( ANDROID / iOS )

– Ticket Sale is coming to an end

As we approach the final weeks before GalaCon, with less than 5% of our tickets left, we will be closing our ticket sales on Sunday the 27th July. You still have a chance to grab your ticket HERE.

For more information for preparing  your convention weekend, please check our homepage: or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Yours truly,

GalaCon Team

Regarding ChuckyBB


as you know, GalaCon always aims to bring you a good time. Just like most of you, we are fans of My Little Pony and we want to contribute to the fandom somehow. We aren’t professionals – We are a group of enthusiastic hobbyists. We do what we can, but we are far from perfect.

As the head of events at GalaCon, it’s my job to work together with people to put up an entertaining and high quality variety of panels, and to present you reputable panelists. I made a big mistake on the latter, and believed someone who was far from reputable.

A couple of days ago, I announced ChuckyBB as a panelist who would present behind the scenes material from DHX in his position as part time animator. I genuinely believed I did enough background checking and I genuinely believed what he told me in our conversations. He cited DHX staff members and claimed to have his trip paid by DHX. However, none of this is true.

ChuckyBB AKA Thomas Taylor/Chuck Evelyn has never worked as an animator for DHX. He isn’t and never has been in a position to speak for DHX.

I know this because after the announcement, GalaCon was approached by legitimate staff members of both Hasbro and DHX after word had reached them about Chucky’s claims. Said staff members, unlike Chucky, showed legitimate proof of their positions at the respective companies. A member of DHX’ higher management confirmed it. If all of that hadn’t happened, I would be none the wiser and present a fraud at GalaCon as the real deal in a few weeks. I had no way of contacting DHX prior to this ordeal. The fact that they got in touch with us shows that these companies don’t take fraudulent claims lightly.

Needless to say, Chucky will not be present at GalaCon as a panelist in any way.

I’m not here to start a witch hunt. GalaCon has nothing to gain from drama; however, we would have had a lot to gain from a fantastic panel for our attendees. I would have greatly preferred that Chucky turned out to be genuine and to add a big event to the convention. I’m very sorry this happened instead.

Chucky did this all by himself by abusing the fandom’s trust greatly. All I’m here for is to express that I’m deeply sorry for being naive. I’m also very disappointed that someone would show such dishonest behaviour.

GalaCon 2014 will be a great event – I hope you will enjoy the legitimate efforts we are putting into this event together with show staffers and fandom alike. Thank you for your trust, both past and present.

Best wishes,

Antonia “Perrydotto” Knoblich

Head of Events & PR Assistant

Many Helping Hooves – Community Guests At GalaCon

Greetings, everyone!

Less than a month until GalaCon – The countdown is on and things are shaping up smoothly day by day. Soon y’all will be packing your bags and making the trip all the way to Ludwigsburg, Germany – All the more reason to give you more insight of what awaits you this year!

In the following weeks, we’ll bring you more details about our guests, events and other neat stuff that will make your time at GalaCon a great one. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Today, we’ll talk further about our Community Guests. Plenty of wonderful people are coming to share their talents at GalaCon – Some of them were invited by us, others offered their contributions on their own, but whether they carry the Community Guest title or not, they are all incredibly welcome and appreciated!

First off, there has been some changes in our Commnity Guest lineup – Unlike previously announced, Psyguy and Gabby will not be able to attend GalaCon. However, we got a bunch of new additions to our roster for your enjoyment, including:


- SketchySounds, EileMonty and AcousticBrony

The UK fandom boasts a fantastic variety of musical talent, and once again we enlist parts of it to bring you the best to your ears! This year’s Gala Evening ball event will feature more traditional music performances than ever before.

AcousticBrony return after their 2013 success and are joined by the wonderful EileMonty and her amazing vocal talent as well as guitarist and singer SketchySounds. Together, they will bring you smooth, classy music – Look forward to fandom favorites and other tunes, all befitting for a laidback evening in style!


- JanAnimations & ShadyVox

It’s safe to say that GalaCon wouldn’t be half as known as it is if it weren’t for our promo videos, and for most of them, we can thank the fantastic JanAnimations. No matter what, he’s not going to stop pursuing his talents, and he’ll return to GalaCon with a panel and maybe a surprise or two in store! He’s not coming alone this time, either – Voice actor and musician ShadyVox, better known to some as Button Mash, will join him to answer your questions and have some fun!


- Laserpon3

With him, you get exactly what it says on the tin – Laserpon3 has been entertaining the fandom for years with his laser animations and shows, bringing ponies to life in his very unique way. But don’t think he’ll just bring any old thing to GalaCon – He will peform a proper, live laser show with new projectors and all the creativity and skill he’s built up over the years! Plus, he’ll have a panel to answer any questions you might have about his work in the light spectrum, so zap him with questions!

And those aren’t even all – You should definitely keep your eyes open for people like the returning electronic musicians Thorinair and HMage, rapper Pipsqueak, professional fursuit creator Atalon, etc. etc.

It’ll be one big party, that’s for sure! We can’t wait to welcome all of you, no matter how many people know your name, at GalaCon!

Best wishes,

Your GalaCon-Team

Art Gallery at GalaCon

Greetings, everyone!

As last year, we want to give the fantastic creativity in the fandom plenty of chances to shine – But we are not going to just repeat what we did last year. We strive to improve, and with our expansion in con space we can expand on showcasing art, too!

One of those ways will be the Art Gallery – It will return bigger and better than ever.

Last year, space constraints made the gallery smaller than we wanted, and sadly confined to just one room. This time, we have enough room and hallways to use to give all art the attention it deserves, and make sure it will be seen by plenty of people!

And don’t forget that if you agree to it, your piece will be part of our Charity Auction – This time prefaced by a Silent Auction that will be ongoing throughout the convention.

How it works is very simple: Each item approved for the auction will have a so called bid sheet next to it, a sheet the con guests can write bids for the art piece on. If the sheet doesn’t get filled, the last bid on it wins the item; if the sheet gets filled all the way, the respective item goes into the main auction at the end of the con with the last bid as the starting price.

Our volunteers will of course make sure that all items are protected and that the bidding goes smoothly. We can never guarantee that nothing will be damaged, but we’ll keep things safe to the best of our capabilities!

Now, you want to send your art in but it’s digital? Or you won’t be at the con? No matter if digital or physical or whether you attend the con yourself or not, we can make it work. Just read here on our website how.

We can’t wait for all your fantastic submissions! And don’t forget that Project GLACEON will be part of the gallery too. The deadline for you to submit a trading card of your own for charity has been extended to the 1st July, so make sure to contribute until then!


All the best,

Your GalaCon Team


EPCU Convention Spotlight


Art by Adlynh

Bonjour, Goedendag and ¡Hola!

this time we won’t talk about us, but our European partner conventions within the EPCU (European Pony Convention Union), which will take place in 2015. The first two will have a booth at GalaCon, the third one is still in its early preparations, but is still shaping up to be an event you should not miss.

BRONY DAYS – “Frenchip is Magic” is a weird but fitting pun for our relationship to this event. The French convention uncovered M. A. Larson’s darkest secrets and gave all vistors an unforgetable time in 2013. For 2015 they will return in spring to make the city of love the city of pony. Their mascot Mdm. Banane is very unique, very French, and all around lovable.

HEARTH’S WARMING CON – Winter conventions are pretty rare, so give our Dutch friends a bit of support on their IndieGoGo. In the lovely town of Hoofd(d)rop not only fans of the newest generation are welcome, but every generation of colourful horse fans. Needless to say that a special friendship exists between Canni and their mascot Ember – we simply love Dutch food, like hagelslag, drop and pannekoek.

SUMMER WRAP UP FESTIVAL  – While escaping from the harsh rain or the cold Scandinavian weather, your typical European goes to Spain, especially in Summer – and next Summer our Madrid friends from IberBronies will wrap up the Summer like every good pony should. So if you are in need of pony fun under the sun, look forward to a summer in Spain and enjoy Maredrid’s hospitality just as Canni will.


So, look forward to meet them over at GalaCon, and don’t forget our other EPCU partners BUCK, Crystal Fair, BronyScot and Czequestria!

All the best,

Your GalaCon-Team


Super Soda Sisters


Hello everyone!

We can’t say it enough – Many, many thanks for your support! Thanks to your generosity at our crowdfunding, TheLivingTombstone and CrikeyDave will make it to GalaCon without any trouble. They’ll be a wonderful addition for our events. The same, however, definitely goes for the creators of the first promo, who will also be on their way to GalaCon:

JanAnimations – Quite possibly the most wellknown animation artist in the pony fandom, and not just well known for his unique laugh, but his unique style as well! Keroro Gunsou, South Park or copyright protected equines – Jan has given these franchises and more his incredibly talented treatment.

ShadyVox – From Jaden in YuGiOh GX Abridged to gamer pony Button Mash – Shady is one of those voices that you’ve surely come across online before. He’s even provided voices for videogames such as Dust – An Elysian Tail in which he portrays a soldier. Shady also successfully pursues music as a passion, with the composition and mix of Don’t Mine At Night being a good example.

But before we close our StartNext for good this year and get the gifts ordered, we got one last extra for you: A neat mug for all artists, writers, animators, musicians and fans who’d like something new to put their favorite drink into! The design Super Soda Sisters was created by the wonderful Acesential with all of our gratitude! If you’d like this mug, don’t forget to get yours today at our StartNext!

We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon – Only 9 weeks until we’ll meet in Ludwigsburg!


Your GalaCon-Team


GalaCon 2014 – Facts and figures

GalaCon is a project by Bronies e.V. Stuttgart. As commited pony fans, our motivation behind this convention is not to pursue any commercial interest, but rather to create an exciting experience for the entire community.

Because of this, we are not only anxious to keep our financials on a solid foundation, but we also want them to be as open and transparent as possible. We are very aware of the trust you’ve put in us and we’d like to show you that every last bit you spend on your GalaCon ticket goes directly into topics and events you care about. We know people love to speculate, but we’d rather give you the real numbers ourselves. So here they are:

Money 2014


Thank you all very much for your support!

Your GalaCon team