Our first community guest and hotel discount offer

Hello there.

today, we are happy to announce two things.

First of all, we are happy to announce you our first community guest. And with this one, it’s going to get manly as it can be. We’re happy to announce the attendance of Dustykatt.
Also known as “The manliest brony in the world” and his livestream show “Stay brony, my friends”. More information about Dusty here: http://www.galacon.eu/community-guests/

And second. If you don’t have booked a hotel room for GalaCon 2016, this is maybe your lucky day. In cooperation with the BEST WESTERN Hotel Favorit in Ludwigsburg we can offer you a 10% discount code, if you book a room there. For more details on the Hotel and how to claim your discount, please see here: http://www.galacon.eu/best-western-hotel/

Greetings, your GalaCon team