GalaCon has been postponed to 2022 due to COVID-19. Tickets remain valid for 2022. Please read our post for further information.


Hey, you. 
You’re finally awake. 
You were trying to cross the border to GalaCon, right?
…that’s great, because you’ve come to the right place!


Take a seat, traveler.
You must be weary from your travels.


It can be a far and treacherous road to Ludwigsburg, but you made it! Take off your boots, get comfortable.

Special guests, panels, parties, workshops, plushies, competitions and more, all to gather ponies from near and far for one absolutely enchanted weekend!
Don’t hesitate to stay and see it all – Here at Queen Canni’s fantastic realm of medieval magic, fabulous fantasy and riveting re-enactment, everyone is welcome for the 9th GalaCon!



Fundraising refund duo to problems with our partner.

To those who donated to our fundraising campaign to help GalaCon and Everfree Encore through the Covid-19 Pandemic: First of all, we want to thank […]

Announcing GalaPunk 2021

GalaPunk 2021 Boot up your cyberdeck and get your enhancements ready, we go GalaPunk! Join us within cyberspace on 24th July, 2021 for a day […]

GalaCon postponed to 2022

Hello everyone! As we all know in these trying times, many of the things we all enjoyed and sometimes took for granted are not available […]

Wrapping Up 2020

2020 has come to an end and we are looking back on an eventful year – without any big events, but even more going on […]

Festival Wristband for 2020

Want to wrap up 2020? Have a wristband for it! The designs for the GalaCon Online and Everfree Encore Online festival wristbands are online in […]

New Items in our Merchandise Shop and Fundraising for 2021

This special year is coming to an end – surely not everything will turn to normal with the beginning of 2021, but there are clear […]

Fax Submissions from GalaCon Online

GalaCon Online had it’s historical moments. One of those was without doubt the massive amount of faxes coming in and recreating the comfy atmosphere of […]

Just the right time to buy your ticket!

Holidays are coming – it’s time to surprise someone or make yourself a present. The ticket sale for GalaCon 2021 is still open and there […]

New Products in our Merchandise Shop – Face Masks, Everfree Encore Online T-Shirt and more

Stay safe! With our exclusive face masks. With the new Canni Soda and Aurora Harmony themed face masks, you can show your support for our […]

Call for Testers: The GalaCon Digital Convention Guide

Last year, we have offered a digital convention guide in addition to the print version which has been received very well, but did not yet […]

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Re-Opening the Ticket Sale

Dear visitors and fans of GalaCon and Everfree Encore! After a break to reorganize and manage the effects of the Covid-19-pandemic, we are happy to […]

Announcing GalaConline

Conquering new worlds: Announcing GalaConline! Boot up your modem, start your free trial of dashingly fast 56kps web access and join us on 1st August […]

GalaCon 2020/2021 – New Date Announcement

Howdy, everypony! We hope you’ve been as well as the current times allow, and that you have been keeping the spirit of friendship alive via […]

GalaCon postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Visitors, Guests and Friends of GalaCon, we have been closely monitoring the situation concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadly, the development of the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Announcing our third community guest: Light262

It is time for our next community guest! We are happy to introduce you to a fantastic artist, Light262! You may know him from his […]

Announcing our first guest of honor: Elley-Ray Hennessy

Greetings, traveller! We have another guest announcement for you today, and it’s someone who will truly bring unique magic to our festivities: Welcome back Elley-Ray […]

Announcing our second community guest: Vocal Score

GalaCon is delivering a treat for the musically inclined with our newest community guest announcement – Give a warm welcome back to fan favorite and […]

Panel applications are open!

At GalaCon there are plenty ways to enjoy your visit! Not only there are voice actors to be heard or plushies to be bought, no, […]

Volunteer Applications are now open!

Preparations for GalaCon 2020 are fully underway, and a lot of good things are in the works! But truth to be told, even the best […]

Announcing our first community guest: Nowacking

The year 2020 has officially hit and GalaCon is fast approaching! It’s time to bring some awesome people into this medieval shindig, and we couldn’t […]

Happy New Year 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A brand-new decade is ahead of us, with all the challenges and excitement that entails! Canni is facing it as zen as […]

Merry Christmas

No matter how you spend the upcoming days, we hope they turn out as sweet as our Canni cookies! Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all […]

Visitor Survey Evaluation

186 of you – nearly 15 % of all visitors – have taken part in our visitor survey and provided valuable information on how you […]

Applications for vendors are open!

Here we go – Applications for vendors are open! From now until the end of February, we invite any and all creators interested in selling […]

Some Facts on Ticket Prices and Costs

73 € for one ticket is a lot of money – Not to mention the PLUS or BIZAAM sponsor ticket prices. It’s definitely not always […]

Promo raffle: The Winners have been drawn!

The winners of our OC cameo raffle have been drawn! Congratulation to the lucky ones, you have been informed via e-mail. Please be sure to […]

Promo raffle update

The first 100 ticket buyers were informed via email about their successful participation in our promo raffle! Be sure to also check your SPAM-Folder. Fingers […]

Ticket sale started!

The ticket-sale has officially started! Head over to the ticketinfos and get your ticket now!      

Ticket sale starts on Sunday!

For GalaCon 2020, Canni’s got to get back – Back to the past of Medieval/Fantasy adventures! If you want to follow suit on the 1st […]

GalaCon 2020 – A fantastic Journey!

Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border to GalaCon, right? … That’s great, because you’ve come to the right place! […]

GalaCon 2019 Recap

These are pensive days for all of us, aren’t they? Friendship is Magic has officially ended as a TV show, making us all look back […]

The end of an era, the beginning of a new

What a Ride. What a ride, started by a show ending today. A show which gave the spark to an extraordinary fandom, barely comparable to […]

Take our Visitor Survey 2019!

We do our best with GalaCon every year, but there’s always more to learn! You can help us improve the event further by giving your […]

PBASE – The Digital Assistant for GalaCon 2019!

The future just arrived! We at GalaCon Technologies not only talk about progression, we live it. That’s why you can get the lame old paper […]

Gala Run & Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for additional action and some competition? Take a look at our event Gala Run where you can compete and prove yourself in […]

Timetable and Vendor listing

Do you want an overview of everything you can attend at GalaCon? Check out our timetable, where you can find all Infos about Panels, Workshops […]

Community Guest Announcement: Captain Hoers

Captain Hoers is an artist from Ireland, who works in a variety of creative arts, including (but not limited to) comics, animation and writing. Get all the […]

Community Guest Announcement: Javier und Waranto Wingbeat

  Javier and Waranto Wingbeat are both set DJs for any great brony party and will surely energize the crowd of the Gala Party this […]

Community Guest Announcement: Bank Pain and Tripon

Bank Pain und Tripon are both established Drum & Bass enthusiasts in the brony community and will perform at the Gala Party to bring us […]

GalaCon partners up with Le Poney Blanc

Starting today, GalaCon will work together with Le Poney Blanc to provide the french part of the brony fandom with better information about GalaCon, while […]

Community Guest Announcement: John Kenza, PegasYs and Faulty

These three are well known in the Brony Community for their music and many songs known to us from the early days of fandom music […]

Community Guest Announcement: ILLUMNATION

ILLUMNATION will play at the Gala Ball at GalaCon 2019 and create an unique and dazzling atmosphere for everyone to enjoy! Get all the additional […]

Early Bird Tier 2 ends 02.06.19

If you haven’t ordered your GalaCon ticket already, please remember that the second phase of our early bird system will end tomorrow 02.06. at 11:59 […]

Community Guest Announcement: Dormin

Pony folk from all across the creative spectrum are bringing their unique style to GalaCon, and with this very skilled guest it’s no different – […]

Community Guest Announcement: Wasteland Wailers

The Wasteland Wailers will perform at this years Gala Ball at GalaCon 2019. Come and listen to their epic Jazz music and country rock! Get […]

Startnext 2019

We have started our Startnext Crowdfunding for GalaCon 2019! GalaCon Startnext 2019 As every year we are trying to provide an wonderful weekend and gathering […]

Community Guest Announcement: MC-Arch

Our next guest is bringing his fresh beats and great voice straight from the Netherlands to our Gala Ball – Welcome MC-Arch to GalaCon 2019! […]

Announcing our fourth guest of honor: Tabitha St. Germain

Does she even need an introduction? Isn’t she the pony/person everypony should know? Because indeed, it is the one and only Tabitha St. Germain making […]

Three is a crowd: Welcome our third guest of honor, G.M. Berrow!

Get out your quills, sofas and scrolls for our next special guest, because with her, writing is the name of the game: G.M. Berrow is […]

What do I pay for?

One of the biggest challenges with hosting a big convention like GalaCon is the budget. Providing our attendees with a great weekend while keeping costs […]

Cosplay Contest Applications are open

With great joy, GalaCon invites you all again to the 2019 Cosplay Contest! You have fun crafting and wearing costumes and want to show it […]

Early Bird Tier 1 ends 02.04.19

Keep in mind, 02.04.2019 will be the last day you can buy your Super Early Pony Ticket! After then, basic tickets go up by 5€. […]

Community Guest Announcement: Sea Pony Orchestra

Hey, everyone! It’s time to get musical at GalaCon 2019!   Last year, it took a big helping of community support and luck for them […]

Announcing our second guest of honor: Andrea Libman

Hey there! Are you as excited as we are? Because we are happy to announce our next guest of honor, someone who is able to […]

Vendor applications will be closed on 31.01.19

If you’re a vendor and want to apply for a stall at GalaCon, please do so until 31. january over here:

Happy New Year!

We look back on an amazing year and another great GalaCon. While we already look forward to the upcoming year full of excitement, meeting old […]

Announcing our first guest of honor: Vincent Tong

The year is almost over, however we don’t want to end the year without announcing our first guest of honor for GalaCon 2019. So we […]

Ticket sales are open!

Ticket sales are open! Get them over here: All Infos regarding Tickets, prices and early bird: Ticketinfos

Announcing Subway as GalaCon-Partner

We are happy to announce Subway as a partner of GalaCon! Be sure to check them out and get 30% discount on all standard prices […]

GalaCon 2018 Recap

GalaCon 2018 in Ludwigsburg was truly a success and packed with all sorts of wonderful and memorable moments throughout the convention. This year we had […]

GalaCon 2018 Visitor Survey

GalaCon 2018 Visitor Survey

++ Breaking News ++ GalaCon 2019 ++ July 27th/28th ++ Ludwigsburg, Germany ++

Anonymous sources has told us that there is already a date for the next GalaCon! Be sure to mark the 27th/28th (Ludwigsburg, Germany) in your […]

Thank you!!!

GalaCon 2018 is over guys.   Thank you all for your help, your support and for the great weekend that lays behind us now. See […]

Download our Convention Guide!

Of course you will find our convention guide on-site in a printed version. But if you want to keep it on your phone or tablet […]

GalaCon Overview

Get it straight, participate! Family Feud, Trixie Wants YOU!, My Big Karaoke, CCG, Buckball, Games Room, Cosplay Gathering aaand … Workshops.


Meplushyou sells high quality handmade plushies. She’ll be bringing several pony plushies with her this year, as well as Ember, Opal and Angel Bunny – […]

Vendor List and Information for Vendors

As GalaCon draws near you sure are hyped and eagerly waiting to grab some beautiful or cool merchandise? Attached is the full list of vendors […]

Timetable and information on Sundays times

Hello everyone. We recently just released our time table for GalaCon 2018. You can find it in the site menu under “Events” or by clicking […]

Panel Announcement: Ponies At Dawn Music Panel

Ponies At Dawn deliver regular compilation albums full of top quality pony music, featuring artists such as 4EverfreeBrony, PrinceWhateverer, Jyc Row, The Wasteland Wailers and […]

Panel Announcement: Narration and Voice acting basics

Your voice is magic, and we want to help you to release it. Follow us on a phantastic journey into the world of audio books […]

Panel Announcement: How to Pony Fursuit

Ever wonder how you to make a pony fur suit but it looked way too difficult? Turns out it’s not as hard as you thought! […]

Panel Announcement: The Art of Writing: Part 2 Scenery and Descriptions

Lethrael, avid writer and reader, author of hundreds of stories, continues his last year’s panel about characters and their development! This year, the next important […]

Panel Announcement: Sewing 101

Sewing 101 from Binidi: If you always wanted to sew but never knew where to start, this panel might be for you. Just drop by […]

Panel Announcement: Ponygami

If something exists, it can be folded out of paper. If something doesn‘t exist, it can be folded out of paper anyway. This includes the […]

Panel Announcement: Trixie wants YOU!

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE… tours with her show all across Equestria and is in need of a low handyman faithful assistant, which can lend […]

Panel Announcement: Limey’s Art & Vector Panel

Have you always wanted to make a Vector but don’t know how or which program is the right one? Here we can recommend the panel […]

PlushieCon Registration Opened

Once again, PlushieCon will be with us and present you a convention of the pony plushies on Saturday evening! You can find all you need […]


Our Game Room master Ansis will hold tournaments for Them’s Fightin’ Herds and Smash Bros.! Also, we plan to add a gem of recent indie […]

This Journey’s Gonna Be Sweet! Announcing Claire Corlett and the Sweetie Bot Project

Traveling the world can be hard and exhausting sometimes, so it´s a good idea to have a cheery and supportive companion around.  This year, we […]

Announcing JanAnimations, ShadyVox and a Special Exclusive Premiere

Today we have something very special for you. The creative team that brought “Don’t Mine At Night” as well as premiered for Galacon 2013 with […]

Announcing Our Next Guest of Honor

Things are getting more and more exciting as GalaCon is only 4 moths away, but we are still not getting out of interesting news for […]

Announcing Andy Price as our Third Guest of Honor

The official IDW comics with their great style and stories have always been an important addition to the TV series and have also become another […]

Announcing More Guests!

Are you already excited for GalaCon 2018? We truly are! And we are happy to announce a few more guests for this year’s adventure.  Voice […]

Ticket Sales Launch and first Guest of Honor

All aboard for your adventure around Equestria! Under this year’s convention Motto “Around Equestria in 80 Days”, you can join Canni Soda on her exciting […]

Volunteer Applications are open

Hello my dear friends! As you know, GalaCon would not be possible without the active support of our volunteers. This year is no exception, so […]

GalaCon 2018 – It begins

Hello and welcome everybody! Let us guide you around Equestria when GalaCon returns in 2018! We hope you’re all as excited as we are to […]