Panel Announcement #5

Hey everyone. 

It’s time for the fifth panel announcement.

Jyc Row will present a fan game he has been working on for a long time – Friendship is Epic. Besides giving insights into the work of the developing team, he will give you a first look at the overall gameplay, the concept, and the different playable characters.

For more information about the game, please visit

Panel Announcement #4

Announcing Dori-tos Comic Panel

Meet one of the greatest artists throughout the fandom at GalaCon! Dori-to is a well-known comic artist, e.g. creator of the comic series “Silly Lyra”. With his unique style he has been entertaining the community for many years now and will be sharing his art and techniques with you in his comic panel.

Get a glance at his art on his DeviantArt site:


Community guests! HUZZAH!

Heyho guys,

Here at GalaCon we always try our best to get the chance to invite great guests. Not only those involved with the production of the show but also from our community. Therefore we are happy that we can announce the attendance of a very popular musician within the brony community at GalaCon 2017: Continue reading

Plushie Workshop by Yasi

Watching how a plushie is made can be interesting, but learning-by-doing is always the best idea if you want to create your own ones.

Yasi, who has been sewing plushies and other textile craftpieces professionally for several years and also held a Plushie Panel at last GalaCon, will show you within this workshop step by step how a plushie comes to live. Within a small group, you learn the most important tips and can get personalized help and advice directly.

Registration is required. Also, a small fee of 3 € has to be paid to cover material costs. If there are any free seats left, registration is possible during GalaCon at the vendor table of “Yasis Plushie Atelier”. 

Please pre-register here.

Plushie Workshop Registration

You can register here for participating in the Plushie Workshop. Please note that your participation is not guaranteed until you recieved a confirmation. Participation fee is 3,- € and can be paid at entrance. If there are free seats, registration is possible at GalaCon at the vendor table of "Yasis Plushie Atelier".

To ensure that no places are unnecessarely held free, we only allow ticket holders to register. The ticket number can be found in your e-ticket or confirmation e-mail.

Required for notifications.

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The Panelist’s Website

Sunday announcements – Two vendors and two panels

Hi there. A little collection of updates here tonight, as I was not able to bring them to you in the last couple of days:

First of all, we’d love to introduce some of the many vendors at GalaCon who send us sample pictures of their goods as we requested. Unfortunatelly, very few of them actually answered the call. But we will introduce those, who did.  Continue reading

Announcing the “Equestria Stories Arts” panel

We’ve got another community panel to announce. The team of Equestria Stories is returning to GalaCon! Of course most of you may know their work from drawings to comics – that has also found it´s way into our convention art repository.

This year, they will dive deeper into the art of drawing and painting, explaining you all the important steps from sketching, clean outlining to coloring and shading. For their presentation, they will use Adobe Photoshop®. Make sure to get a glance at their artwork at