Announcing Waranto and Javier

29. June 2022

  Javier and Waranto Wingbeat are deeply rooted in the German Bronyfandom and set DJs for any great party. Make sure to bring a fire […]

Imalou and Celia Kaspar

26. June 2022

Imalou Lea Dabssi, widely known as Imalou, is not only a highly skilled artist in the fandom and boasts an impressive portfolio of art, but […]

Jennifer Weiß

25. June 2022

Jennifer Weiß is known for lending her voice to the German version of our beloved party pony Pinkie Pie! Besides ponies, she can be heard […]

Announcing Tw3lv3

22. June 2022

Tw3Lv3 is a talented 21 year old DJ/ producer and will join us from Belgium! Tw3Lv3 is known for her collabs with other great brony […]

Daniel Ingram

19. June 2022

Did you know, there is a high chance that your favorite pony song, remix or alternative version is directly from or inspired by Daniel Ingram? […]

Announcing Faulty!

18. June 2022

Faulty joined the producer train around late 2016 with his style ranging mostly around progressive house, chill house and such. He’s all about that upbeat […]

Charlotte Uhlig

18. June 2022

Let’s continue with stream of great announcements and welcome with us the German voice actress to GalaCon 2022 who is giving the super energetic and […]

José Luis Ucha

15. June 2022

And… Action! Get your popcorn ready for cinematic experiences with the Director of MLP: A New Generation, José Luis Ucha! We are super thrilled to […]