Announcing a contest and a raffle


Hello, Everyone.

Sunday surprises, because why not, right? We have two things to announce: A contest and a raffle. For the contest…

Usually, it is not very common that someone’s original characters make it into the actual show. Well, for good reasons of course. But did you ever ask yourself how to tie-in a pony like our very own mascot Canni (or for that matter: Sanni and Wachmann as well, if you want) into an actual episode? We did. You as well? Great, then we want to invite you to share your ideas with us. Write a fanfiction in the likes of an episode summary or description – it might also be in form of a script pitch. Maximum length in terms of word count should be 7.000 words. The winning stories will be announced, as well as collected into a paperback – of course the authors of the winning stories will get such a paperback. Send us your story to until the 9th of July. We are very excited for your works.

And as for the raffle, we have a special surprise for you. A unique chance, that you will only get once. All you have to do is buy a ticket (Basic, Plus, Bizzam) and you get the chance to win a very special prize on GalaCon 2017. If you already have bought one: No worries, you are included as well in this. During the opening ceremony, we will pick a random ticket-id live on stage. So we advise everyone to be there in time. Of course, I bet you all want to know what the price is? Well, that will be a secret until the time comes.

So much for today.