Make the Cosplay Contest happen!

Hello, everyone.

At GalaCon, the cosplay contest is always a very memorable show of its own everyone enjoys, right? And we all would like to see that happen, right? Unfortunately, this year the pre-registration for the contest is pretty meager so far, to be honest. This is why we want to appeal to all cosplayers out there: Make Cosplay Contest great again!

If interested, please pre-register yourself or your group here with the application form until July 2nd, (23:59 GMT+1):
Information and registration for the cosplay contest

Because, if we won’t have enough participants for the contest by that date, we sadly have to consider canceling the cosplay contest. And you don’t want that to happen, right? Please help us to make the cosplay contest happening!

Sincerly, the GalaCon team.

Announcing a contest and a raffle


Hello, Everyone.

Sunday surprises, because why not, right? We have two things to announce: A contest and a raffle. For the contest…

Usually, it is not very common that someone’s original characters make it into the actual show. Well, for good reasons of course. But did you ever ask yourself how to tie-in a pony like our very own mascot Canni (or for that matter: Sanni and Wachmann as well, if you want) into an actual episode? We did. You as well? Great, then we want to invite you to share your ideas with us. Write a fanfiction in the likes of an episode summary or description – it might also be in form of a script pitch. Maximum length in terms of word count should be 7.000 words. The winning stories will be announced, as well as collected into a paperback – of course the authors of the winning stories will get such a paperback. Send us your story to until the 9th of July. We are very excited for your works.

And as for the raffle, we have a special surprise for you. A unique chance, that you will only get once. All you have to do is buy a ticket (Basic, Plus, Bizzam) and you get the chance to win a very special prize on GalaCon 2017. If you already have bought one: No worries, you are included as well in this. During the opening ceremony, we will pick a random ticket-id live on stage. So we advise everyone to be there in time. Of course, I bet you all want to know what the price is? Well, that will be a secret until the time comes.

So much for today.

Announcement regarding the Evening Program

Dear visitors,

due to personal reasons, Crusader! will unfortunately not be able to attend GalaCon this year. Therefore, the timetable had to undergo several changes concerning the evening program. 

At the same time, we are happy to announce that Waranto Wingbeat can return to GalaCon with his great party act. Former visitors will know him from the last GalaCon where he entertained the public with his amazing live act. His performance will include an all-live-played set of music for dancing and partying.  

For changes, please see our timetable [Link].


Donations for Charity Auction / Reminder on Fundraiser

Hello, everyone.

It’s only about two months left until GalaCon 2017 opens its gates. Like every year, one of the main attractions at GalaCon are the charity auctions.Naturally, to actually auction off something, we need items that can be offered. That’s where you come into play. Whether if you will be visiting GalaCon or not this year, we are in need of in-kind donations of items for the auctions.

This can be literally anything from pictures to crafted items to merchandise or other items. As a side note: If you happen to have any sort of item signed by any of the shows voice actors or other staff: those are always very popular. There are basically few limits. As long as it related to My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And of course, like the rest of the convention: Keep it suitable for all ages.
For more information about the charity auction please visit our website.
There you will also find a donation form if you wanna contribute one or several items to the convention.

And, since we are speaking of donations. As every year, we here at GalaCon do a little fundraiser to grant us some extra bits. Our main source of income of course still is selling tickets. But even if once may not be able to visit Galacon, he or she can still support us a little bit at the fundraiser. And grab some fine goodies along with it if you want. You will find our 2017 campaign here:

We may already have reached our funding goal. But still, every Euro extra will help us make GalaCon a little bit better. And we are most thankful for that.

As a note: Yes, we ship all rewards internationally as well. But since that can be expensive, please add the “Shipping and handling fees (outside the EU*)” reward to your selection. If international shipping should exceed the 15€ mark, we contact each donor separately to inform about the possible additional cost to cover shipping.

Sincerely, with a big THANK YOU in advance

the GalaCon team

Panel Announcement #5

Hey everyone. 

It’s time for the fifth panel announcement.

Jyc Row will present a fan game he has been working on for a long time – Friendship is Epic. Besides giving insights into the work of the developing team, he will give you a first look at the overall gameplay, the concept, and the different playable characters.

For more information about the game, please visit

Panel Announcement #4

Announcing Dori-tos Comic Panel

Meet one of the greatest artists throughout the fandom at GalaCon! Dori-to is a well-known comic artist, e.g. creator of the comic series “Silly Lyra”. With his unique style he has been entertaining the community for many years now and will be sharing his art and techniques with you in his comic panel.

Get a glance at his art on his DeviantArt site:


Community guests! HUZZAH!

Heyho guys,

Here at GalaCon we always try our best to get the chance to invite great guests. Not only those involved with the production of the show but also from our community. Therefore we are happy that we can announce the attendance of a very popular musician within the brony community at GalaCon 2017: Continue reading

Sunday announcements – Two vendors and two panels

Hi there. A little collection of updates here tonight, as I was not able to bring them to you in the last couple of days:

First of all, we’d love to introduce some of the many vendors at GalaCon who send us sample pictures of their goods as we requested. Unfortunatelly, very few of them actually answered the call. But we will introduce those, who did.  Continue reading