Community Guests

Javier and Waranto Wingbeat

Javier and Waranto Wingbeat are deeply rooted in the German Bronyfandom and set DJs for any great party. Make sure to bring a fire extinguisher because they will set the dance floor on fire!
Please don’t, that is not covered by our insurance D:

For years Javier has been one of the most popular brony DJs in Germany and around – not without reason, though. He well knows how to get a party started and to pull the crowd on the dancefloor – with his hard and individual mixes.

Javier’s been to GalaCon and Everfree Encore last year and we’re more than happy to welcome him again to get this party started!

Don’t hesitate to check out his Twitter and Soundcloud!

Waranto Wingbeat will present diversified electronic mixes from and around the brony and furry fandom. Waranto is a well-known guest at GalaCon and surely knows how to bring the dancefloor to life. Of course he will attend the two biggest brony-events in Germany this year!

Alongside music production he might also know a thing about 3D creation and gaming or live streaming.

Be sure to take a look at his Twitter and Twitch!

Prince Whateverer

Prince Whateverer

Our all favorite noisy horse Prince Whateverer is a British rock and metal musician, rooted deeply in the brony fandom and publishing music since the early days of the fandom.
Pushing out one banger after another, most notable and popular songs of him are surely SOLIDARITY MAPDestabilize or his cover of Open Up Your Eyes.

For GalaCon, we are looking forward to his gig at the Gala Party, so make sure to not miss that if you want to rock hard!

To shorten the wait, check out his Twitter or listen to some sick tunes on his Youtube-Channel!


CaptainHoers is an artist from Ireland, who works in a variety of creative arts, including (but not limited to) comics, animation and writing. He is probably best known for awesome animations like “Spitfire’s Day Off” , “BUCK: When Can We See You Again?” or “Wenches and Mead”!
CaptainHoers has been working closely together with GalaCon in recent years and was responsible for animations like the last 2019 Galacon Promo.
At GalaCon, you are invited to follow him on an entertaining journey through all the small and big mishaps that might occur along the way of animation, in his panel all about animation horror stories.

Also make sure to check out his YouTube, DeviantArt and support him on Patreon!

Blackened Blue


Blackened Blue is not only a fabulous member of Coltastrophe but someone who is able to rock the stage all on his own! As soon as he will enter the scene at the Gala Party, hold your drinks tight and prepare for some heavy metal tunes!

To get a glimpse of what to expect, why not tune into All You Need, If I Were To Fall or his Cover of Danger Danger and embrace the lovely combination of ponies and metal?

You can find all the important social media links from Blackened Blue on his, listen to his music on Youtube or get his EPs on Bandcamp.


Poni1Kenobi is an American brony musician who has been active since 2011. He is notable for his style of music, which draws influence from alternative rock bands worldwide, and for his album, It’s All Fanfic to Me, which features multiple songs based off of popular fanfictions.

He founded  The BeatleBronies in 2011. His most notable songs are Little Octavia, The Party Hasn’t Ended, Melody On My Heartstrings and Lovestruck Derpy.

You can find him on Twitter, watch him play games live on Twitch and listen to his music on YouTube or get his EPs on Bandcamp.


Aside from his epic moustache, Dusty’s life is a manly checklist, for he has done so many manly things. Including being an athlethe in school and college, pro-wrestler, bodyguard, ranch worker and motorcycle mechanic who also builds custom bikes. And he watches a cartoon show intended for little girls. Well, what do you expect from the “Manliest Brony in the World”?

Dusty is known primarily for his livestreamed podcast “Stay Brony My Friends”, his YouTube videos which have gone viral, and separating convention-goers from their money at charity auctions. This has also piqued the curiosity of documentary filmmakers, thus explaining why you can see his ugly mug and manly mustache plastered all over movie theaters.

And never forget to stay brony, my friends.

You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram!

DJ Direkt

Wow! What a surprise! We have one more DJ for you in store!, DJ Direkt! As a highly versatile DJ, most likely known for his thrilling sets from GalaPunk and EE, DJ Direkt will spoil us this time with a calm and relaxing set at the Gala Ball and give the evening a smooth finish!

In 2008, when Derrek started playing with two ancient CD players and DJing was actually hard work, he played from time to time at small parties and fought furious DJ battles.

Even with going for a controller only in 2019 to get more active, don’t expect just a “stage filler”. DJ Direkt is a true inside tip in our saturday evening schedule!

So look out for a miraculous good performance to come and enjoy a healthy mix of catchy tunes, strong beats and maybe a dank meme on top!

In the meantime you can take a look at his Twitter and into his sets at Everfree Encore 2021 and GalaPunk.


Faulty joined the producer train around late 2016 with his style ranging mostly around progressive house, chill house and such. He’s all about that upbeat dance energy you get from early 2010’s house music which was so prevalent earlier in the fandom.

As a big part of Ponies at Dawn, probably the most well known music label in our community, he might bring a high variety of songs and maybe a collab here and there to get you dancing like there is no tomorrow!

You can find him “Singing” about his daily doing and events on Twitter or listen to his Music on Youtube, soundcloud and bandcamp while waiting for GalaCon!


Tw3Lv3 is a talented 21 year old DJ/ producer and will join us from Belgium! Tw3Lv3 is known for her collabs with other great brony musicians like General Mumble or MC Arch and her own chill music – lofi label VibePoniez. On stage, she will put all her energy into an extremely diversified set that will raise everypony’s mood to the next level in no time!

So keep an eye out for this set at GalaCan and rejoice for Drum& Bass, Lo-Fi and many more great music genres!

Make sure to take a look at the youtube channel – there is plenty to discover! – or visit linktr from Tw3Lv3 for all the other useful social connections.

General Mumble

General Mumble

Rooted in the very early days of the fandom, General Mumble left his marks in the musical landscape soon after his beginnings with all known classics like She’s a Pony or Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag and continued to impress with a consistent flow of great music over the years.

Together with his wife Koa, he established the music project Mumble Etc that features various types of music and genres. In general their music is settled in electronic genres and is a real treat for all edm and bass connoisseurs!

For GalaCon 2022 we are excited to have him on our adventure and letting us listen to his music live on stage!

While you are waiting, why not refresh your playlist with an amazing selection of tracks from General Mumble on Bandcamp and Youtube.

Or follow Mumble’s Twitter to learn more about his current and upcoming projects!



Our British horse band friends Coltastrophe with vintage rock stylings, allergic to backing tracks, are a must have for any hard rock party! The band around Cracking Laser, Blackened Blue, Sound Check and Rythm Sticks have been guests to our dear friends at Rock Nessie and Everfree Encore several times now and everytime the crowd was ROCKING in no time!

And now they are making their way from the United Kingdom to play for us at GalaCon’s stage and totally amaze everypony. If you can’t wait for GalaCon to come around you can listen to their music on YouTube or Soundcloud and also follow them on Twitter.


GalaCon is coming closer and closer, and with full steam ahead we are happy to introduce you to our next Community Guest, freshly baked golden playbutton owner and master of ponies and mangos in real life – StormXF3

Since nine years he spares no effort to bring pony cuteness, cleverly montaged into real live footage, from his home in Switzerland to your screen! Even if it takes a mango or two or stealing a pegasi’s favorite book.

Cannot stand the wait? Shorten the time by binge watching his videos on YouTube or send him some kind words on Twitter!

Also consider supporting him on Patreon and buy him a coffee mango. He might bring some mangos as well… because everypony likes mangos. Mangos are the way!



We are happy to introduce you to a fantastic artist, Light262!
You may know him from his awesome drawings or his work on the online comic “Timey Wimey MLP”. Besides that, he has also participated and even co-founded the artist group “Lumic4”!

Be sure to check out his DeviantArt-Profile as well as “Timey Wimey MLP”, and don’t forget to tell him “Hi!” on Twitter!

Cyril the Wolf

Hailing from Pennsylvania in the United States, Cyril the Wolf made his first splash in the community with his original fan songs and covers of hits such as Nightmare Night, but his passion for music covers a wide variety of styles and themes he loves to explore. Genre-wise, he is most commonly at home in Metal and Hard Rock with a dash of Progressive. Cyril loves to add his personal flavor and emotion to anything he makes, whether it’s covers of popular series such as Steven Universe and Mega Man, tribute to fantasy works such as The Lightbringer Saga, or his very own tales of worlds near and far.

We cannot wait to have Cyril rocking the stage at GalaCon 2022, and we hope you’ll join us!

Be sure to check out Cyril’s work on Youtube and Bandcamp as well chat him up on Twitter!