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I’m Garrison, and I’m an acoustic singer/songwriter from Washington (state) who loves singing about life, family, and ponies. I also love learning new languages, so come find me and we’ll sing some songs and practice some German!



4everfreebrony on YouTube


VocalScoreVocal Score
(Professional Musician and Singer)

Vocal Score is a professional musician who first started out in the fandom by writing little songs to explore our favorite pony’s characters a bit more. He started to get noticed though with his interesting versions of popular fandom songs. Vocal has taken electronic and rap songs and given them his own special twist, a style unlike any other.

When he’s not working in his own music, Vocal travels the world, playing music at five-star hotels and on board cruise ships. He’s also played several brony conventions, and this will be his second time playing at GalaCon since we loved his performance so much in the past two years!

He actually wants as many people as possible to throw song requests for him to play this year at GalaCon, so head over to his Twitter (@vocalscorepony) and request some songs!

Vocal Score on Twitter | Vocal Score on YouTube