Cosplay Contest

With great joy, GalaCon invites you all again to the 2022 Cosplay Contest!

You have fun crafting and wearing costumes and want to show it to the world? You’ve always wanted to give yourself that push and share your enthusiasm with others? You are at least 18 years old or have the permission of a parent or guardian? Then sign up via our online form for our Cosplay Contest and contribute to the spectacle! Cosplayers of all skill levels can take part and have a fair chance of winning a price!

Please note that plain Fursuits will not be accepted in the contest. It came apparent that Fursuits are hardly comparable to costume outfits making it difficult for the jury to come to a fair grading and judgement. The contest is only open for costume outfits. Fursuiters can take part in the Fursuit Walk alternatively.

On stage, you have a maximum of 1.5 minutes/90 seconds to pose and show off your costume. Acts, whether Group or Single, can be up to 5 minutes long. If you require special equipment for your performance (music, video, etc), detail your wishes in your contest application. Video and music material has to be sent to us in advance. The convention can provide you with headset microphones or handheld microphones.

Please make sure that you fill out your application completely and correctly. Otherwise it is possible that you will not be accepted for the contest. It’s possible to update your application but please do so ASAP and don’t forget!

If you get accepted but you cannot or will not participate after all, simply send us an email with your resignation. No explanations required!

For a more detailed description of the rules, please refer to our official Cosplay Contest Rules. You can also find our Voting Guidelines to review how voting scores and rankings work here.

We are very much looking forward to your participation to see your enthusiasm, ideas and your fantastic costumes!

To register for this years Cosplay Contest, fill out the registration form:

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To participate in our family-friendly event, please make sure that your costume is neither obscene nor insulting, and do not include any dangerous or injury-prone parts. If your costume includes a weapon, whether it’s a detailed replica or an obvious toy, please obtain proper permission from the contest staff for your prop to be included. The contest properly follows all German law, so please do not include imagery or elements that violate German law.

Your GalaCon Team