Ein Hinweiß für unseren Convention Artist

Wir würden Euch gerne auf den Händlertisch unseres Convention Artists RarieDash und seiner Freundin Fafatacle hinweisen. Sie würden sich freuen, wenn Ihr einfach mal vorbei schaut für ein kleines Pläuschchen oder einfach nur „Hi!“ sagt. Und wenn Ihr dort etwas kauft sind sie Euch sicher auch nicht böse. 🙂

Hey there!

We’re Rariedash and Fafatacle and bringing lots of amazing stuff with us! We’re having exclusive cardgames, posters, plushies and more with us! Interested? Visit us at our booth 33+34! There are tons of awesome posters for only 5€ each, you can’t miss this out!!!

Then we have some high quality handmade plushies and you can grab some buttons too! For this year’s GalaCon we have something very special for you. The first physical version of our „Send Love“ MLP-cardgame! It comes in a box with some handmade heart tokens and everything you need to play it immediately with your friends! Rariedash is the official GalaCon Artist and has designed all the posters, shirts and most of the kickstarter-goodies you can grab this year!

But that’s not all! We are so glad to show you a secret project Rariedash has worked on the past months… The first 3D printed Nightmare-Moon Statue. It’s handpainted, big, impressive and comes in a cute insightful Box. These are limited, so you better hurry and check them out!