Activities, Shows & Panels

What do we offer? 

GalaCon has a great program and a lot to offer for everyone. Besides our evening program, there are many different events that fit nearly every taste and demand. 

Our program has some main events which set the frame for the whole convention.

You can find a whole list of all panels, shows and activities here. 

The Opening Ceremony is the official opener of our Convention where all guests are presented and where we welcome our visitors. The Closing Ceremony draws the end of our convention looking back on the most important points and saying thank you to all guests and visitors. 

Always scheduled before the Closing Ceremony, our Charity Auction in cooperation with Bronies for Good is one of the greatest highlights of GalaCon. Items donated by visitors, fans, and sponsors are auctioned to the visitors who get the ultimate chance of winning one of the many unique items. Additionally, there are a small auction and a silent auction during convention times. 

At the Cosplay Contest, cosplayers from the community can do their best and show off their skills to win one of the many prizes. Because we want the contest to be open to all, the rules are quite simple and the judgment system allows it for cosplayers of any experience level to take part and get a chance to win. We also encourage all participants to add a theatrical performance to their show, so the contest is always an interesting highlight for all! 

PlushieCon is a concept brought up by members of the community. The idea is as simple as the result is staggering – visitors can hand in their plush ponies which are then presented on the main stage, sorted and arranged by color. German Sorgfalt(TM) ensures that all plush ponies find their way back to their owner with a failure quote of 0 % in the last two years. 

The Panels bring topics from the show and the community to you. Both our guests and panelists from the community present their profession or hobby in approx. 15 panels regarding many different topics like arts, electronic arts, crafts, animating, cosplaying, sewing or music. 

Watching a panel presentation is nice, but learning-by-doing is always best if you really want to dive deep into a topic. To make this possible to you all, we have newly introduced Workshops in addition to the classic panels. The panelists give you a more individual and personalized presentation you can follow by putting the steps into practice. Exclusively to all events, workshops have a limited number of participants (thus pre-enrollment is required) and sometimes a small fee to cover the costs of materials. 

Another addition to our set of panels are the Game Shows made by community members. The panelists’ Fans that have developed a (quiz) game or adapted a known concept entertain the audience with interactive shows. Make sure to try these out, too! In some shows, our guests of honor participate for a special round. 

The convention program is rounded off by our Games Section. The Classic Games Room offers presentations, tournaments and workshops of the official Collectible Card Game and the all-new Pen & Paper Role Play Game. The Video Games Room offers many console and computer games, both MLP:FIM related and classical all-stars, while you can try out the fanmade game My Little Karaoke at the Karaoke Room

Vendors and Catering by our venue restaurant “Kubus” offer a great range of MLP:FIM related merchandise, art pieces and crafted goods as well as delicious snacks, warm meals and drinks. 

Make sure to check out our YouTube channel to get an impression of our events! 

Panel applications are already closed. 

Do you want to participate and apply for a panel at GalaCon 2017? We are looking forward to your ideas! 

GalaCon offers you the possibility to present your special talent to the public. No matter how famous you are or what experience you have – everyone gets a chance!

How to apply? 

You can apply using

Your application will then be reviewed by our event team. You will get an answer as soon as possible, but it might need some time to review and compare the many applications, so please understand that you will have to wait until you get a definite decision.

What´s next? 

When you have successfully applied, the Event Team will review your application and compare your idea to others. We try to present a diverse and interesting set of panels to our visitors, so the reviewing might take some time.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed about the status on a regular basis.

If your idea was accepted, we will contact you to close the panel contract and discuss the last important details. When you´ve sent the contract back signed, you are officially a GalaCon 2017 Panelist and Contributor.

Your panel will be officially announced on our homepage, via Twitter and at Equestria Daily.

Before the convention, we will stay in contact to coordinate the position in the timetable and tell you everything you need to successfully hold your panel. You will also get a booklet – a kind of panelist convention guide – that contains all important information about your stay at GalaCon 2017.

What to do at the convention? 

As a contributor, you can use the fast lane for entry. A volunteer from the Event Team will await you at the reception or convention office to welcome you, guide you to the goodies pick up – yeah, there are goodies, more below – and show you where your panel room is.

You can also visit the room on Friday before the convention – this is highly recommended if you want to test any hardware, software or device.

Before your panel starts, you just go to your panel room and are guided by the volunteers who will help you set up your stuff and explain the equipment to you.

All panels are kept on video and photos are taken. You will be able to see your panel on our YouTube channel soon after the convention.

What do you get? 

All accepted panelists receive a 50 € discount on our ticket prices. Additionally, you will be listed in the convention guide as a contributor and receive a special Contributor Ticket that identifies as a panelist throughout the convention.

We offer an additional voucher for one free meal at the convention restaurant.

Please understand that we cannot cover travel or accommodation costs.

Are you interested? 

Then fill out our  and give us your idea!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact