GalaCon Cosplay Contest

Like in the last years, the main aspect of our Cosplay Contest is fun. Everyone can take part, no matter whether you are a total beginner or a professional cosplayer.

Using the feedback from last year´s contest, we reviewed our concept again with the generous help of the professional cosplayers Lan and Fafa from Germany, who will also be part of the jury this year. The new concept is more simple, fairer to all participants and tries to meet the needs of professional cosplayers more than in the bygone years. The all-new Judgement Guidelines (see link below) control the juries work and help you to understand their decisions.

If you are interested, feel free to sign up. Our team will check your application and give you a feedback as soon as possible. 

Please make sure that you have read the rules (see link below) before applying. By posting the application, you declare your consent with these rules.

Application Form

Cosplay Contest Registration

Please fill out this form if you want to register for the cosplay contest. Make sure you have read and agreed to the rules first. You can register for a single presentation, with a group or with an act OR for all of the named options OR for just two of them. For any questions, please feel free to ask at

Basic Information

Please give us some basic information about your person. This information is especially necessary for contacting you.

Name that is presented during the contest. May be your real name if you don´t use a nickname.

The age can be taken into account within the judgement especially benefical for younger competitors. Giving an exact date of birth is nevertheless optional, not giving your date of birth will not lead to any disadvantage.


You can send us a photo of your cosplay in advance if you want to do so. The photo will be shown to the jury who can get a better impression of your work this way. Maximum size is 10 MB.

Do you have anything important to say? Please also feel free to contact for questions and further information.

By registering, you state as follows: "I have read and agreed to the Rules of the Cosplay Contest. I agree to abide by the rules and I understand that a violation of these rules may lead to consequences like a disqualification."

Single Performance

If you want to do a single performance on stage, please fill out the following questions. If not, you can leave it out and go to the next part. Doing a single performance is not necessary, you can also just register a group performance or an act.

What character do you present?

Do you present any special style or variation?

How many parts of your costume did you craft by your own? How many parts are bought or made by others than you? Please give a honest answer. Passing of the work of others as your own work is considered a violation of our rules.

Please give us some background information about your original character. The creativity of your creation will be rated in some categories. Only necessary if you are presenting an original character who is part of your own work.

Please state how the background story of your OC is represented through your costume. The creativity of your creation will be rated in some categories. Only necessary if you are presenting an original character who is part of your own work.

Group Registration

Please fill out the following questions if you (also) want to register with a group. If not, please skip to the following part.

Please give your group a short name for the presentation.

How many participants are part of your group?

Which characters will the group members present?


If you want to present an act on stage, either alone or as a group, please answer the following questions. If not, please skip to submitting the form.

Please give your act a title.

Are you acting alone or with your group?

What do you want to do during your act?

Please describe the concept of your act (what you want to show and how you want to present it).

What would you need for your act? Please note that we cannot meet every need. When in doubt, please contact

How long will your performance approximately be? Please note that the max. duration is limited to keep up with our timetable.

I have read and agreed to the terms of service and the privacy policy. I agree that my personal data and other data raised by this webform is raised, stored and used for the given purpose.

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Registration is also possible at the Convention Office. | Rules | Judgement Guidelines