Please mind the annotations at the bottom of the timetable. Downloadable, mobile-friendly version here. 

Timetable FAQ 

Q: Why are some spots black? 
A: The panel is not definitely published. Either it is held back due to PR plannings or the host and GalaCon did not agree upon a definite contract yet. 

Q: What do the colors mean? 
A: Each color represents a type of event as stated below: 
Orange – Main events 
Blue – Panels with participation of Community Guests or Guests of Honor 
Green – Community Panels, Workshops and Shows 
Red – Evening program (Gala Ball and Gala Party) 
Yellow – PlushieCon 
Grey – Fringe events 

Q: Is the venue really open/closed at venue opening/closing? 
A: Yes, we definitely want to achieve that. Please respect the wellbeing of the staff and volunteers and prepare to stick to these times. 

Q: Where can I find a list of all event descriptions? 
A: On our “Event Descriptions” page or in the Convention Guide.