Ludwigsburg – More than GalaCon

Some of you may have already noticed – There is more to explore in Ludwigsburg than “just” GalaCon. So if you still have some time to spare or want to take a break from the exhausting convention days, here are some places to get to know:

Sightseeing and Relaxing 

Ever wanted to feel like Princess Celestia getting ready for a day at her castle or like Fluttershy roaming the beautiful, romantic gardens of Canterlot after dancing at the Grand Galloping Gala?

In Ludwigsburg, you can – Right outside GalaCon in the baroque castle facilities in Ludwigsburg, just a few minutes away from our venue.

The great garden “Blühendes Barock – Blooming Baroque” boasts a fantastic view of the castle and beautiful, colorful flower arrangements. It also has a fairytale garden and a calm forest to relax.

Right behind you will find the “Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg”, once home to the kings of Württemberg.

And if walking around just one castle gets boring, there is also the “Seeschloss Monrepos” and the “Lustschloss Favourite” in the area to visit.

If you just want to take a small break, there are some parks around the venue, too. Great for cosplay photos as well!

Shopping & ATM 

Besides merch and goodies, there’ll likely be daily life items you need during the convention. No problem – Ludwigsburg offers lots of stores for all your needs.

Approximately 10 minutes per foot away from the venue, at the marketplace, Wilhelmstraße and Lindenstraße, there are two great malls and smaller shops offering everything from food to clothes.

On the way to the train station, there are two supermarkets and ATMs from all common German banks.

If you need something on the way home or at arrival, there are some shopping opportunities at Stuttgart Main Station, too.

If you simply can’t find enough merchandise at the convention, there is a help, too – A Müller at the Wilhelm Galerie mall offer a few MLP:FIM products at reasonable prices. Other department stores and drug stores can also be worth a look, since they often carry toys.

Food & Drink

Ludwigsburg offers many places to eat or drink – Actually too many to list them all! But we can still give you some insider information about some great places.

A great place for a drink or hearty food is the Towers Irish Pub at the marketplace. Fresh cider, cold beer or a good whiskey – They got it all. There is also a visitor meet-up taking place on Friday before GalaCon.

The first choice for homemade Swabian food is the Brauhaus am Solitudeplatz, a cozy micro-brewery with a beer garden, very tasty food and great prices. If you prefer American or Spanish food, try Kullman’s Diner at the Ludwigsburg train station or Joe Penas near the venue.

Also don’t forget to take advantage of our special Subway partnership discount!

There are many more places in the city between the market place and the station ranging from fancy restaurants to tiny snack points. Don’t hesitate to explore and find your favorite place!