Origami panel and workshops at GalaCon

Hello everyone.

Today we not have only one announcement to make but two.

First we want to present you our third panel, the Origami panel. Amongst our panels had been many different types of art – drawing, music, animation or crafts. This year, Malte is going to surprise you with his Origami skills – a japanese art of folding paper into small creatures or other objects. Don´t miss this interesting experience when pieces of paper are magically transformed into MLP:FIM characters!

The other announcement we’ve got today: By popular demand, we’re announcing workshops at GalaCon.

The panels, run by both guests of honor and community members, have always been a central and important part of our convention program. As you might remember from the last two years, we tried to open these panels to the audience by introducing more possibilities to interact and bringing new ideas like game shows into our timetable – and we have learned that this is very popular amongst our visitors. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we can implement another idea from the community – interactive workshops that give you the possibility to participate and learn from the panelists by doing!

Within the next weeks, we will announce the first few workshops you can visit during GalaCon. They will mostly concentrate on the topic of crafts and classical arts like drawing or painting. 

Because of the special concept, there are some features to mind:

  • The workshops will take place in special rooms equipped with a table for each participant.
  • This leads to a little constraint: The number of participants is limited. Not only because of the seating, but also to ensure that we can order the material needed for the workshop in the correct quantity.
  • Because there will be special material handed out to all participants, some workshops may have a small extra fee of about 5 €.
  • A registration before the convention via an online form is therefore required.

If you are interested, keep track of our announcements!