Sunday announcements – Two vendors and two panels

Hi there. A little collection of updates here tonight, as I was not able to bring them to you in the last couple of days:

First of all, we’d love to introduce some of the many vendors at GalaCon who send us sample pictures of their goods as we requested. Unfortunatelly, very few of them actually answered the call. But we will introduce those, who did.  Continue reading

Announcing the “Equestria Stories Arts” panel

We’ve got another community panel to announce. The team of Equestria Stories is returning to GalaCon! Of course most of you may know their work from drawings to comics – that has also found it´s way into our convention art repository.

This year, they will dive deeper into the art of drawing and painting, explaining you all the important steps from sketching, clean outlining to coloring and shading. For their presentation, they will use Adobe Photoshop®. Make sure to get a glance at their artwork at

Introducing our 1st community guest

Here at GalaCon we always try our best to get the chance to invite great guests. Not only those involved with the production of the show but also from our community. Therefore we are happy that we can announce the attendence of a very popular and talented musician within the brony community at GalaCon 2017: 4everfreebrony.

If you don’t already have, order a ticket today and get the chance to meet him and watch him perform live.
4everfreebrony on YouTube

Our Second Panel Announcement – “The Art of Writing” by Redhatbrony

Redhatbrony, a well-known German fanfiction author, will bring the most importance of good characters within the creation of fanfiction to you.

In his panel, he will especially point out which traits and flaws are important for which character and how you can design and create a character that is interesting to the reader and fits into the overall story.

Also, he will explain the Jung archetypes as a vector of writing, which are an important to create a consistent story.


Michelle and Gabe are back to rock GalaCon

Hello everyone.

By popular demand, we are very happy to announce that Michelle Creber and Gabriel Brown (aka Black Gryph0n) will celebrate their return to the GalaCon.

And besides spreading cheers and a good amosphere, they will again deliver a musical show on Saturday. Two actually, as they will be performing at the Gala Ball as well as the Gala Party. To learn more about Michelle and Gabe, as always, take a look on our Guest of Honor page


your GalaCon team

First Panel Announcement – “Make it Rhyme!” by Humanarian

We are happy to announce the first Community Panel this year! 

Humanarian, a fanfiction author, will present his lyric skills to you as he is holding a master-class panel about poetry. 

Not only will he talk about poetry within the show and the fandom in general, including show song lyrics and quotes, but he will also bring some of his own art to you and present funny and short on-cue poems and riddles about the show characters. 

More Guests of Honor

We are very happy to announce more awesome guests of honor from the show.

Today we have “Big Jim” Miller, the supervising director of „My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” as well as Katrina Hadley, storyboard artist and assistant director on both the TV series and the „Equestria Girls” movies.

Visit our guest of honor page to learn more about Jim and Katrina.

Bronies for Good Charity Album Release

Bronies for Good Charity Album Release: Seeds of Kindness: A Change of Heart

Online Release Party and Fundraiser
Saturday, February 11, at 4 p.m. EST (9 p.m. UTC) on Ponyville Live

Each year, musicians, artists, and brony media organizers come together from all across the fandom to make sure Bronies for Good’s annual Seeds of Kindness drive kicks off with a bang.  Read More