Welcome to the Future!


Enter a cyberspace full of ponies at Europe’s biggest brony-convention in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Prepare yourself for a ton of fun and ponies, brought to you by the utilization of modern technology by Canni and her team! With special guests, panels, workshops and lots of other cool stuff we will make sure to provide you with an remarkable weekend.





Ticket sales are open!

Ticket sales are open! Get them over here: https://pef-tickets.tickettoaster.de/events/220-galacon-2019 All Infos regarding Tickets, prices and early bird: Ticketinfos

Announcing Subway as GalaCon-Partner

We are happy to announce Subway as a partner of GalaCon! Be sure to check them out and get 30% discount on all standard prices […]

GalaCon 2018 Recap

GalaCon 2018 in Ludwigsburg was truly a success and packed with all sorts of wonderful and memorable moments throughout the convention. This year we had […]

GalaCon 2018 Visitor Survey

GalaCon 2018 Visitor Survey

++ Breaking News ++ GalaCon 2019 ++ July 27th/28th ++ Ludwigsburg, Germany ++

Anonymous sources has told us that there is already a date for the next GalaCon! Be sure to mark the 27th/28th (Ludwigsburg, Germany) in your […]

Thank you!!!

GalaCon 2018 is over guys.   Thank you all for your help, your support and for the great weekend that lays behind us now. See […]

Download our Convention Guide!

Of course you will find our convention guide on-site in a printed version. But if you want to keep it on your phone or tablet […]

GalaCon Overview

Get it straight, participate! Family Feud, Trixie Wants YOU!, My Big Karaoke, CCG, Buckball, Games Room, Cosplay Gathering aaand … Workshops.


Meplushyou sells high quality handmade plushies. She’ll be bringing several pony plushies with her this year, as well as Ember, Opal and Angel Bunny – […]

Vendor List and Information for Vendors

As GalaCon draws near you sure are hyped and eagerly waiting to grab some beautiful or cool merchandise? Attached is the full list of vendors […]

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Timetable and information on Sundays times

Hello everyone. We recently just released our time table for GalaCon 2018. You can find it in the site menu under “Events” or by clicking […]

Panel Announcement: Ponies At Dawn Music Panel

Ponies At Dawn deliver regular compilation albums full of top quality pony music, featuring artists such as 4EverfreeBrony, PrinceWhateverer, Jyc Row, The Wasteland Wailers and […]

Panel Announcement: Narration and Voice acting basics

Your voice is magic, and we want to help you to release it. Follow us on a phantastic journey into the world of audio books […]

Panel Announcement: How to Pony Fursuit

Ever wonder how you to make a pony fur suit but it looked way too difficult? Turns out it’s not as hard as you thought! […]

Panel Announcement: The Art of Writing: Part 2 Scenery and Descriptions

Lethrael, avid writer and reader, author of hundreds of stories, continues his last year’s panel about characters and their development! This year, the next important […]

Panel Announcement: Sewing 101

Sewing 101 from Binidi: If you always wanted to sew but never knew where to start, this panel might be for you. Just drop by […]

Panel Announcement: Ponygami

If something exists, it can be folded out of paper. If something doesn‘t exist, it can be folded out of paper anyway. This includes the […]

Panel Announcement: Trixie wants YOU!

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE… tours with her show all across Equestria and is in need of a low handyman faithful assistant, which can lend […]

Panel Announcement: Limey’s Art & Vector Panel

Have you always wanted to make a Vector but don’t know how or which program is the right one? Here we can recommend the panel […]

PlushieCon Registration Opened

Once again, PlushieCon will be with us and present you a convention of the pony plushies on Saturday evening! You can find all you need […]


Our Game Room master Ansis will hold tournaments for Them’s Fightin’ Herds and Smash Bros.! Also, we plan to add a gem of recent indie […]

This Journey’s Gonna Be Sweet! Announcing Claire Corlett and the Sweetie Bot Project

Traveling the world can be hard and exhausting sometimes, so it´s a good idea to have a cheery and supportive companion around.  This year, we […]

Announcing JanAnimations, ShadyVox and a Special Exclusive Premiere

Today we have something very special for you. The creative team that brought “Don’t Mine At Night” as well as premiered for Galacon 2013 with […]

Announcing Our Next Guest of Honor

Things are getting more and more exciting as GalaCon is only 4 moths away, but we are still not getting out of interesting news for […]

Announcing Andy Price as our Third Guest of Honor

The official IDW comics with their great style and stories have always been an important addition to the TV series and have also become another […]

Announcing More Guests!

Are you already excited for GalaCon 2018? We truly are! And we are happy to announce a few more guests for this year’s adventure.  Voice […]

Ticket Sales Launch and first Guest of Honor

All aboard for your adventure around Equestria! Under this year’s convention Motto “Around Equestria in 80 Days”, you can join Canni Soda on her exciting […]

Volunteer Applications are open

Hello my dear friends! As you know, GalaCon would not be possible without the active support of our volunteers. This year is no exception, so […]

GalaCon 2018 – It begins

Hello and welcome everybody! Let us guide you around Equestria when GalaCon returns in 2018! We hope you’re all as excited as we are to […]