Panel Announcement 3

Hello everyone.
Hope you all enjoyed a long and relaxing easter weekend. We got two more panels at GalaCon 2017 we want to annonce to you. 

Number 1: Music and Animations with OhPonyBoy

OhPonyBoy is one of the most famous musicians animation and PMV artists within our community. But besides his “My Little Pony”-themed work, he has also done some great artwork and music that is known around the world.  In his panel, he will show you how he creates animations and PMVs and also present two new albums.

Don´t miss the chance to meet this great artist at GalaCon!

Number 2: “Friendship is Epic” by Jyc Row

Jyc Row will present a fan game he has been working on for a long time: “Friendship is Epic”. Besides giving insights into the work of the developing team, he will also provide a first look at the overall gameplay, the concept and the different playable characters.

For more information about the game, please visit