Sunday announcements – Two vendors and two panels

Hi there. A little collection of updates here tonight, as I was not able to bring them to you in the last couple of days:

First of all, we’d love to introduce some of the many vendors at GalaCon who send us sample pictures of their goods as we requested. Unfortunatelly, very few of them actually answered the call. But we will introduce those, who did. 

We will start with “Meplushyou“, who sells high quality handmade plushies. She’ll be bringing plush ponies in different sizes, plush keychains, printed backpacks and other related goodies! You can find her at table #56 on the upper floor


The other one is “Color Sceem Paintings” who sells unique and hand crafted paintings that are all made with much love and friendship feels! You can find them at table #21 + #22 on the ground floor.


A complete listing of vendors and their location at GalaCon 2017 will be released soon on our website.

Next up, we got two more panel announcements. Number one is a returner and probably known to all of those who have also been at GalaCon last year in 2016. Starweardo is bringing his beloved game show “Family Feud” back to GalaCon!

The concept is known from international television and as interesting as it´s easy: 100 Bronies were asked the questions included in the show. The candidates have to guess which answer was most frequently given and collect points according to the position of their answer within the ranking.

A video of the great show at last year´s GalaCon is available at our YouTube-Channel.


The other panel is called “I Get That Reference!” by panelist James Corck.

The people behind the show grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, and therefore they have filled their work with a myriad of references that some might catch and other might not. There are the ones everybody knows and the very obscure and stealthy ones. The show gives plenty of material to discuss about references from movies, TV Shows, books, and pop culture in general, and this panel will be all about that.

When are references relevant? Will they manage to stay timeless or will they be dated with time? Are they a mere distraction or do they serve to move the story forward? This interesting panel will be a short and closer discussion with bigger involvement of the audience. After a short look at the most obvious and rather hidden pop culture references, you will have the chance to participate in the discussion and bring in cour own knowledge and ideas.