The Venue

Like every year since 2013, GalaCon is held in the “Forum am Schlosspark”, a multi-purpose cultural and event center run by the city of Ludwigsburg. It has wide and spaced hallways and offers multiple small and medium sized rooms as well as two bigger halls with a staging area. The heart of all this is the big theater hall with more than 1.100 seats.

Also, there is the “kubus”, the restaurant of the venue. They will offer hot meals, snacks, and cool beverages during the convention for fair prices.


The postal address is
Forum am Schlosspark
Stuttgarter Straße 33
71638 Ludwigsburg
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There are two big parking lots just on the opposite side of the road from the venue’s main entrance: “Bärenwiese West” and “Bärenwiese Ost” (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße).
They are free of charge during the weekends. But they are also frequently used by non-convention visitors.