Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, GalaCon is postponed. Please read this article for more information. All ticket holders will receive an e-mail with further instructions.
Tickets, early bird and all you need to know about them

As every year you will have the opportunity to pick between three different ticket packages for GalaCon. Each of them has their special perks.

For the GalaCon Evening Events, Gala Ball and Gala Party, there is an extra ticket. If you just want to visit the Evening Events, you can purchase an extra ticket for 15,- €. All GalaCon tickets (STANDARD, PLUS and BIZAAM) include access to the Evening Events.

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Please mind that orders are binding and cancelations are only possible under the conditions named below. 

During the order process, we raise personal data (name, address, e-mail address, payment information) with your consent to handle and process the order and fulfill (pre-) contractual duties. For more information on privacy, please visit

Important Information

Please check your spam and junk e-mail folder after your payment. 

Ticket FAQ

Here are some FAQ about tickets and our early bird system. If you have any other question or problems, please feel free to contact the ticket support via

How do I receive my ticket?

After your payment was confirmed, you receive a download link via e-mail where you can download your e-ticket. The e-ticket will be turned in for a ticket badge at the convention reception.

It is in general not possible to get a printed ticket via mail. If no other way of processing is possible for you, we have to ask for an additional charge for printing, handling and shipping costs.

When do I receive my ticket?

If you pay vial PayPal or credit resp. debit card, the ticket will automatically be sent to your given e-mailaddress after the successful payment. Please check your spam or junk e-mail folder after the transaction as automatically generated e-mails may be rejected by standard filters. 

If you choose bank transfer, it may take up to 14 days until you receive your ticket because all bank transfers have to be processed manually. Please mind that bank transfers are not being processed during German national holidays or weekends.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, we also accept tickets on your smartphone or in a passbook/wallet. It is also possible to check in just with your full name and an ID card.

Please mind that the check-in may take slightly longer in case we are not able to scan the barcode holding the ticket number from your mobile device or have to look up your name in our ticket system.

My ticket hasn't arrived yet. What can I do?

Please check your spam or junk e-mail folder because automatically generated e-mails with download links are often marked as spam or harmful by some filters.

If you still can’t find the e-mail, please use the link “Lost Ticket” in our ticket shop or write an e-mail to You will receive a copy of your ticket.

Please make sure you have checked your spam and junk e-mail folder. 

I have lost my ticket. What can I do?

Please use the link “Lost Ticket” in our ticket shop or – if this does not work – write an e-mail to You will receive a copy of your ticket.

It is also possible to check in with your full name and ID card.

Please make sure you have checked your spam and junk e-mail folder. 

I am not sure if I have already bought a ticket. What can I do?

Please use the link “Lost Ticket” in our ticket shop to check if a ticket has already been ordered with your e-mail address or – if this does not work – write an e-mail to

If you have doubt if you have already bought a ticket, please do not order another ticket before checking first. Accidentally ordering a ticket twice does not count as a reason for a free cancelation, so you might have to pay the cancelation fee or even the full ticket price depending on the applying terms. 

What is an early bird system?
It means that all tickets have an initial price point which increases after a certain date.

What are the tiers and which tickets will be affected for GalaCon 2020?

The early bird system will only apply to the basic ticket. All other tickets will be unaffected!

For GalaCon 2020 there will be three tiers depending on the time period:

  • Tier 1: Initial price            73€
  • Tier 2: After 05.04.2020 78€ (increase by 5 euro)
  • Tier 3: After 31.05.2020 83€ (second increase by 5 euro)

What are the reasons for this change?

For many events there is a lot planning necessary beforehand and some of the decisions and investments depend heavily on the available budget before the event even starts. GalaCon is no exception and unfortunately we have noticed a lot of delayed ticket sales over the past years. In 2018 the strongest month for sales was clearly July. The same month as the actual event.
With the new system we want to reward earlier purchases by the lowest possible rates.

Where does my money go to? Why is the ticket priced this way?

Here is a handy breakdown of our basic ticket price. The Plus and Bizaam tickets function the same way, just with the additional sponsor price added.

Can I pay in cash at arrival?

No, this is not possible except for a very few individual cases. During opening times, we cannot process cash payments because the reception desks are too crowded and we want to complete the check-in as soon as possible. Any delay may hinder visitors from attending the Opening Ceremony and other events in time.

An are Sunday and Family Tickets, which can only be purchased at the box office according to availability (please see explanation below).

Also, it might be possible to pay in cash if you purchase a ticket right at the box office (as long as tickets are still available). But please mind that box office sales are opened after all visitors with reserved tickets have checked in (please see explanation below).

Even if an exception is made to this regulation, payment and entrance will not be possible before all visitors with pre-ordered tickets have hecked in. This usually means that you will definetely miss (the biggest part of) the opening ceremony. 

Will tickets be sold during the convention (Box Office)?

Usually, tickets are still being sold at the box office. If the maximum visitor number is reached, sales have to be closed due to security regulations.

Because the limitation is due to security regulations, we cannot guarantee that tickets will be sold at the box office. We also cannot reserve a ticket. 

Please also mind that box office sales will in no way start before the opening ceremony ends to ensure that all visitors with pre-ordered tickets can check in in time. 

I have received a voucher (e.g. as a Contributor), but already bought at ticket.
How much time do I have to pay?

If you chose prepayment, you should pay your ticket within 14 days after your purchase. We will send you a reminder after this time and may cancel your order after the expiration of time.

Please mind that bank wire payments can only be processed until 7 days before the convention (please see explanation below).

Also, tickets have to be paid before the convention starts. Tickets that remain unpaid until the first day of the convention are canceled without refund. 

I need more time for payment. What can I do?

If you need more time for paying for your ticket due to any personal or other reason, please contact us via e-mail so we can expand the term. You may still receive reminders due to the automatic data processing, but the order will not be cancelled.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, please contact us via e-mail to

I have a discount. How can I have it credited?

If you have received a discount as a panelist, musician etc., please order your ticket the usual way and notify us via e-mail.
If you have already purchased your ticket, please ask via e-mail for a refund.

What is the T-Shirt size for?

If you buy a PLUS or BIZAAM ticket, we need it to produce the t-shirts in the correct sizes and do not have to estimate the quantities.
If you don´t want to order a PLUS or BIZAAM ticket, you may leave it blank.

What does a family ticket cover?

Family tickets cover the same benefits as a BASIC ticket which are entry on both convention days and to the evening events.

A family ticket covers entry for two parents or legal guardians and all of their children (up to 14 years of age) resp. all children under their custody. The number of children is not limited as long as all children belong to the family.

Please mind that this ticket is only meant to make it easier for young visitors to attend with their family and is therefore only valid if at least one child is part of the visiting group. It is especially not a cheaper option for two adults to attend.

Attention: Taking into account the regulations on underage visitors, the family ticket is not always the cheapest option.

Follow this link for special regulations on underage visitors and (pricing) information for attending families.

Are there special regulations on underage visitors?
What do Sunday Tickets cover?

Sunday tickets cover the same benefits as a BASIC or Family ticket but are only valid on sunday. You will be able to attend all events that take place on Sunday only.

Sunday tickets can only be purchased at the box office.

How long are tickets being sold and how long are changes possible?

Please understand that the few people who are working on your requests in their free time are also needed at GalaCon for preparations and handling. Therefore, requests of any kind as well as bank wire payments can only be processed until 1 week before the convention starts.

Later payments or requests may remain unprocessed resp. unanswered. If you pay later and do not receive your e-ticket, please bring a bank statement or transfer confirmation to GalaCon. Please mind that check-in before the opening ceremony or check-in at the fast lane may not be possible in this case. 

 Important Terms and Conditions

  • Tickets will be sent via e-mail as a PDF file or download link.
  • You are responsible to provide a valid e-mail adress and check your spam and junk e-mail folder. If tickets can’t be delivered via e-mail, we may have to cancel the order or charge up to 5 € for shipping and processing costs.
  • Cancellations are possible without charge up to 14 days after purchase. For later cancellations, a cancellation fee is charged. Cancellations are no longer possible 8 weeks before the convention.
  • If you want your ticket delivered via mail, you will have to cover the shipping costs for certified mail from Germany.
  • Underage visitors may have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. You can find more information here.
  • We might exclude visitors who break the convention rules without any refund. Make sure you have read the rules of conduct.

Please see Terms and Conditions for the complete version. This is only an extract, in case of doubt the full publication counts.


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