Opening Ceremony

The first official event to kick-off two days full of friends, fun and activities. We are going to welcome you, introduce our special guests and give you an overview of what to expect. You’ll go from nervouscited to happily excited, guaranteed!

My Little Comic

Main Hall

Sometimes, your voice alone isn’t enough to express yourself. You’re misunderstood or clumsy, or people just won’t pay attention. Communication can take many forms such as music, drawing, art in general to send a message, to put thoughts to paper, to react to a situation. That and more is what this comic is about! One Stormy Night is a comic written and drawn by Dormin, in which she turns personal experience into a relatable piece of fiction. Turning negativity into something creative and appealing isn’t easy, but it is worth it – A therapeutic exercise turned into something more. This panel will show you how Dormin creates her work from the ground up, and will involve discussion as well, so bring questions!

by Dormin

Draw-it-Yourself Art Panel

Panel Room I

Ever looked at pony fanart and thought: “Aw, I wish I could do that!”? Well, no fear, at this panel we’ll show off all you need to know to get into creating! Soon, you too can Draw-ItYourself! If you like to learn more hands-on, don’t miss out on our additional Workshop either.

by sadonax

Trixie Wants You

Main Hall

COME ONE, COME ALL! “Trixie Wants YOU!” is back at GalaCon, bringing you a whole new slew of exciting games and awesome prizes. Compete in various disciplines to show everyone that you got what it takes to be Trixie’s assistant. And for that extra bit of stage drama: You won’t know in advance who your opponent is, and which game you’ll face off

by starfox

The Art of Writing 3 - Plot Design

Panel Room I

Lethrael continues his writing panel series and now focuses on story itself. What constitutes the plot? How do you plan a good one? Why is the self insert plot weak and what kind of stories work for shipping?

by Lethrael

What is Brony Radio Germany?

Panel Room II

What does it take to run an online streaming radio? What needs doing, what do you need to know? Some years back Brony Radio Germany established itself in the fandom and at this panel, they will tell you all about BRG’s history, development and how to make your very own radio happen. Be their guest and don’t hesitate to stop by!

by Jaster

How to Art!

Panel Room I

Do you have a great idea for a character but you don’t know how to bring it to life? Are you an experienced artist but certain aspects of the craft still give you trouble? MusicFireWind and TheBowtieOne, two pony artists with several years of experience, will show the basics and beyond as well as answer your questions!

by MusicFireWind and TheBowtieOne

Parody Theory

Panel Room II

How does humor work? A question that people have pondered for thousands of years. Many have tried explaining it. And now, we’d like to throw our hats into the ring with our own attempt at shedding some light onto this issue. At least, we’ll try to explain our approach to making parodies and bring our MLP-parody-comics (and maybe some other things) as examples. We most likely won’t unravel the mystery of this eons old question, but maybe, we can help one of you doing so someday.

by doubleWbrothers and Pony Berserker

Forms of Fanart

Panel Room I

MLP fanart can come in many forms. While people usually think of digital or traditional visual art, there are a ton more media to create fanworks in. This panel will give an overview over many different forms of fanart including pyrography, origami, sculpting with various materials (e.g. traditional and polymer clay, soapstone, wire and pipe cleaners), chalk art (large scale street art or small scale with liquid chalk), engraving in slate or acrylic glass and beyond, such as acrylights and porcelain painting. The goal of this panel is not to cover everything there is to know but instead to provide a valuable introduction plus tips for anybrony wanting to be creative!

by Malte279

GalaBall Dance Class

Panel Room II

Many people think of dancing as an act of highly technical performance, something way beyond their personal limits. We are here to prove otherwise! No need to be shy – Come one, come all, to our dance class! You will quickly see that dancing is not just about manners and technique, but especially a fun social way to communicate! And most importantly – It’s really easy and fun!

by the Haze Valley Team

Ponies At Dawn

Panel Room II

One of the leading music groups in the fandom, Ponies At Dawn have been releasing awesome music since 2013. Come join as John Kenza, Faulty, PegasYs and bank pain talk about the group’s history, their own experience, and answer your questions!

by John Kenza

Animation Panel

Panel Room I

The well-known animator of GalaCon’s StartNext promo will provide insight into his work and show off how animation is done. Learn how a fan-made animation comes to life from model design to lip-synching and ask everything you always wanted to know!

by Captain Hoers

History of MLP Revisited

Panel Room I

Go on another journey with Midnight Dynasty and follow our favorite ponies through time! From the beige beginnings of “My Pretty Pony” to the pastel ponies we all know and love today. This panel will mostly focus on the toy lines but will also venture into the TV shows and movies. Discover the history of MLP and see previous generations up close!

by Bexi aka Midnight Destiny

Sewing 1o1

Panel Room I

Have you ever wanted to sew but didn’t know where to start? Drop by and we’ll talk basics, necessities and avoidable mistakes, all to get you inspired to make your own clothes, cosplay or even stuffed toys!

by Bindi

Wonders of World Building

Panel Room I

Wonders of Worldbuilding is all about creating a world for your very own (fan)fiction. In my second panel at Galacon—and my fifth panel in total—I, Elkia, will give you tips and tricks to bring your world to life on paper. Whether you’re an ambitious beginner, a veteran with a following of thousands, or already have a publication on your name, you will certainly learn something valuable. Don’t forget your creative hat as well, because together we will put this new knowledge to use and build ourselves a world out of the LEGO box of our imagination.

by Elkia Deerling

Seven Years of MLP Conventions in Europe and Beyond

Main Hall

Are you enjoying yourself at GalaCon? We hope you are! But how did it all start? What do other conventions look like? And all those bronies all across the world … How do they celebrate the fandom, what’s the same, what’s different? This panel will tell you all about pony conventions in Europe and beyond from the last 7 years! Based on visits to dozens of events all over the world, let’s have a look together and listen to Jamis’ con stories, tips for travelling, and experiences from both in front of and behind the scenes – Everything that makes conventions unforgettable memories.

by Jamis

Narration and Voice Acting 101

Panel Room I

Voices are magical – They can give people goosebumps, make them laugh or even cry. If you too want to unleash that magic, we can help you with that. With the basics of Voice Acting and Narration you, too, can captivate your audience.

by VisualPony and Midnight29

Charity Auction and Closing Ceremony

Main Hall

Like every year, GalaCon ends with a big highlight – The Charity Auction and the Closing Ceremony where we wind down GalaCon and look back on two days filled with fun and excitement.

Draw-It-Yourself Art Workshop

Workshop Room

The Workshop accompanying the Panel all about getting into pony fanart! You’ve always wanted to make your own pony works? No problem, it’s time to DIY! What does that stand for? Draw-It-Yourself, of course! So pack your pencils and come learn with us!

by sadonax

Shadowboxing Workshop

Workshop Room

Learn how to craft your own little 3D scene in this Shadowbox workshop! Together we’ll bring paper to life step-by-step using the magical powers of foam tape and glue. And the best part is: You can take your finished frame home! So – Let’s get crafting!

by HipsterHoof

CCG Instructed Tournament

Workshop Room

You’ve always been interested in the official pony CCG but never knew how to start? No problem! Simply join the Free for All Tutorial at the CCG Room! The instructors will prepare you for your first few games and maybe even for the CCG Tournament! CCG Room will remain open for Tournament play.

Gala Run - The Contest


Looking for some action? Then this contest is just right for you! Try to get the highest score in seven different games.

More info at www.galacon.eu/events-panels/gala-run-scavenger-hunt

The Gala Scavenger Hunt

Whole venue

Find the 70 hidden QR codes around the venue and be the first to complete The Gala Scavenger Hunt.

More info at www.galacon.eu/events-panels/gala-run-scavenger-hunt

Cosplay Contest

Main Hall

Join in as all cosplayers gather to show off their costumes and skills! No matter whether you are a professional, an amateur, dressed up or not – don‘t miss this awesome experience!

Check out www.galacon.eu/cosplay-contest for all the information and application!



Equestria’s favorite ball game is back at GalaCon and anyone can join! Does not include flying and magic but still includes a heaping bunch of fun with the game setup designed for everycreature by Skybolt!

More info at www.galacon.eu/events-panels/buckball

Chalk Drawings


Just like the last two years, we are going to beautify the court at the Forum with chalk ponies. As long as the weather pegasi cooperate and keep away the rain, everyone is invited to join the fun and draw! Photos will be taken plenty and the art will form a great creative showcase for all passersby to enjoy.

Video Games and My Little Karaoke

Games & Karaoke Room

Tired from the many panels and shows and want to relax for a bit? Then come to our game lounge where we offer many console and PC games for your entertainment. You may also get to try out some new MLP games! If you like, you may also show off your awesome singing skills at the Karaoke machines to your favourite MLP songs.