Vendor FAQ

How to become a vendor at GalaCon 2020?

1. Application
For a timespan, we accept applications for the limited vendor tables. This happens for about 3 months and it is announced in social media such as twitter and on the website. Furthermore, all vendors of the previous year will be informed by email if they have agreed to it.
It does not matter when the application will be submitted in this period as we will only be collecting the applications in this phase!
At the end of the application phase, we evaluate the applications and determine which vendors will receive a table at GalaCon 2020.

2. Selection, positioning and wishes
We decide which vendors receive a stall based on a variety of criteria in the team. The focus here is on product selection, quality and uniqueness. Unfortunately, we do not have enough stalls to accept all applications, so the more meaningful the application, the easier it is for us to choose. Basically, all vendors are limited to a maximum of 2 tables to give as many as possible the opportunity to present themselves at the GalaCon. Should cancellations or other circumstances lead to situations where a vendor can use more tables if we can not organize a replacement, we will implement this.
In the application form, every vendor can state their wishes for the placement of their stall and also for preferred neighbors or similar. We try to consider these wishes as possible. This can lead to some discussion and is why the decision phase can take some time. We can not always implement all wishes, so here’s the big request to all accepted dealers: Check your commitment whether you agree with the placement and so on. In the beginning we might be able to change something. Only shortly before the GalaCon we can not change much anymore because we have to give the vendor lists for the ConGuide to the printer and it also takes some time to contact several vendors who might have to agree to a change.
It may also happen that we can offer only one table to a vendor who has applied for 2 tables.

3. Options
Every vendor can get up to 2 tables. Each table has a surface of 1880 x 800mm (74×31,5 inches) and costs 50€ for each table. Each table comes with two chairs. Additional chairs are available for free.
You can choose whether you want a power connection (230V/50Hz Type-F SchuKo) at your stall for additional 16€.
Pinboards as a back wall for your stall are available up to one per table for 16€ each.
Pinboard size is about 1200mm wide x 1500mm high (47.3 x 59inches).
Last year we introduced the “shared stallls”. This is the possibility to share a stall with up to 3 additional vendors. Of course you could also share a stall before, but only the one who applied has been listed in the website or conguide. for the small amount of 3 € per additional vendor, everyone can now be listed individually. This makes it easier for the guests to find you.

4. Vendor assistants
For each vendor stall, we give you the opportunity to name up to three vendor assistants. These vendor assistants will also receive a vendor ticket at registration, giving them early entry to help set up or staff your stall. Just like every person, they also need their own STANDARD, PLUS or BIZAAM ticket.

5. Prices and tickets
The individual prices for tables and options can be found under “3. Options”. Here is to mention that with the first table the so-called vendor ticket is purchased, this is not a real ticket with access authorization but only for us administratively assigned to the stall. Every vendor and their assistants need their own STANDARD, PLUS or BIZAAM ticket. You will get a special printed vendor-ticket at the registration to get the early entry.
Since we dealt with our costs very transparent and told you exactly what the money is used for, here’s a short summary of the stall costs especially:
Providing a vendor stall costs us ~88€ per table – and an additional 16€ per pinboard and 15€ per power plug. Thus, even the actual price (50€ per table) does not cover the actual costs of the table. If we take into account the VAT and payment fees, a typical vendor setup (2 tables for 50€ each, 16€ for the power plug option, 73€ for the vendor’s entry ticket) still doesn’t add up for us – we fund this vendor stall with ~36,- €.

6. Vendor Assistants Team
During GalaCon vendors will also be assisted by the “vendor assistants team”. These volunteers are set up to buy you drinks or food within the forum (against cash in advance) or to guard your stall during a toilet break. They will not make any sales or give advice during your absence, but only guard the stall and inform prospective buyers that you are not available for a short time. At the beginning of their shift they will introduce themselves to you, so you know who you should look out for when needed.
These volunteers are not setup or dismantling helpers!

Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via the Contact Form!