Vendor Listing

Do you have a favorite vendor you hope to see at GalaCon?
Here is a table map and a detailed listing of all vendors this year.

TableVendor NameOffered Goods
01DSC-GRAPHICSCustoms, Prints, Engraved Glass, LP clocks, Commissions
02Mana-KyusaiPlushies, Customs, Prints, Bags, Commissions
03atelokCustoms, Embroidery, Engraved Glass, Fimo figurines, Pixel Ponies
04Bare Russian BearsPlushies, Polymer clay figurines
05SioraPlushies, Buttons, Jewelry, Clothing Accessoires, Ponyears on headbands, postcards, embroidered journals
06Manic SculptorCustoms, Dioramas, clocks, Big sculpts, Stained glass
07 + 08YasiPlushies, Embroidery, Pillows, Kechains, Prints, Postcards, Stickers, Pokemon Plushies
09 + 10rtry engraving and morePlushies, Engraved Glass, Printed cups, Engraved Horn, Sewing pattern for ponies
11 + 12Mr. OffspringButtons, Prints, T-Shirts, Embroidery, Official Merch, Engraved Glass, Mugs
13 + 14Pro-StoffEmbroidery
15 + 16Adlynh & DranaarCustoms, Buttons, Prints, Engraved Glass, Wooden carving (framed, necklace, keyring)
17SchimyButtons, Prints, Engraved Glass, 3D prints (phone covers, cookie cutters), Handmade necklaces from resin, Pendants, Keychains from stainless steel
18Auri's Dreamland PlushiesPlushies, Acrylic Phone Charms
19 + 20DealerponyButtons, Blind Bag Figurines, Official Merch, GOH Figures & cups
21 + 22Lunation and boyfriend paintingsOfficial Merch, Jewelry, Paintings, cut out
23Borut VashHand cast plactic miniatures; blank and colored
24NocteCreationsButtons, Embroidery, Handmade hats & headwear
25 + 26DennyvixenButtons, Prints, Bookmarks, Stickers
27 + 28steephEmbroidery, Hand-engraved & laser-engraved LED pictures, nightlights, Flamed LED pictures, String art cutie marks, Cutie mark felt patches, Laser-engraved mirrors
29 + 30XtorbenXButtons, Prints, T-Shirts, Sublimation printed excessories (bags, mousepads, glass, textile products)
31AsukatzeCustoms, Blind Bag Figurines, Canvas, Cups
32Mad Plush PartyPlushies, Embroidery
33 + 34RarieDash and FafataclePlushies, Prints, 3D prints, Cardgame "Sending love"
35 + 36AvitaniButtons, Prints, T-Shirts, Engraved Glass
37HipsterHoofPlushies, Cosplayware, Bags
38Violet Rose Equestrian TextilesPlushies, Ponyfied Hoodies, T-Shirts, Jacken, Bademäntel, Mützen, Patches, Tassen, Handtücher, Taschen
39 + 40Creber MusicCDs, merchandise, Autographs, Photographs
41OhPonyBoyCustoms, Prints
42Baraka / Lyra Plush / HaselwölfchenPlushies, T-Shirts, Handycraft materials
43DeathPwnyButtons, Prints, 3D Prints
44James CorckButtons, Prints, MLP themed Patchwork crafts
45 + 46VaaCharButtons, Prints, 3D printed, lasered, electronic and other handcrafted Merch
47VaronyaPlushies, Buttons, Embroidery
50 + 51MANADCustoms, Buttons, T-Shirts, Embroidery, Mouse Pads, Pads for cups, Cups, Phonecovers
54 + 55Dori-toPrints