Do you have a favorite vendor you hope to see at GalaCon?
Here is a table map and a detailed listing of all vendors this year.Vendor Map

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Vendors A to MVendors N to Z

Adlynh & Dranaar - 1.62-1.63


Now also known as Yulyeen, Adlynh and her beautiful illustrations have been with the fandom for many years. Find a variety of goods at her table, including but not limited to commissions, prints and jewelry!

ArtworkTee - 00.1


Selling high quality shirts with designs made by furry artists, ArtworkTee will bring a variety of their products to their table! Get fun designs in all sorts of styles and species, and support their creators at the same time.

Asukatze - 1.61

She’s got a great sense for fashion and ponies, and you can get a taste of it at her table! Asukatze will be selling plushies, custom pony figures and art, all made with lots of love.

Auri’s Dreamland Plushies - 0.17

Auri creates fun and cuddly pony goodness in all sizes, and she’d love to see you stop by and check them all out for yourself! Don’t miss out on these cute plushies.

Baraka - 1.80


At Baraka’s table, you can find some of the cutest pony plushies and embroidery work around! If you need an extra dose of cuteness in your life, and you definitely do, then stop by his table.

Boiler3 - 1.68-1.69


An artist with a particular knack for Fallout Equestria, Boiler3 will be offering a wide variety of his detailed work in the form of prints, buttons, shirts, pillows and more!

Brony Radio Germany - 1.76-1.77


The good folks from Brony Radio Germany have been serving the German fandom in particular for years with their great radio program and plenty of entertainment on the virtual airwaves. Meet them at their table and check out their merch!

Calistotash 3D Printed Figurines - 1.82


Bringing 2D characters to life in 3D is no easy feat, but Calistotash makes it happen, even for GalaCon’s very own Canni statue! Buy some of Calistotash’s work in 3D printed form and enjoy the great designs from all angles.

Card Game Crusaders - 0.13

At the Card Game Crusaders’ table, you can shop for all sorts of pony goodies, including but not limited to official merch, CCG cards, buttons, mugs and more!

Chibipets - 0.05


With Chibipets, you can bet their name stands for adorableness in all shapes and forms. At her table, you can find gorgeous handmade plushies and other Goodies!

Color Sceem Paintings - 0.15


Swinging the brush with great skill, Color Sceem offers wonderful traditional paintings at her table. Whether you are looking for one new piece for your wall or three, Color Sceem will provide!

CutePencilCase - 1.81


Whether it’s MLP, Disney or Pokemon, CutePencilCase knows how to bring the softest and cutest characters to life in their art! Get a commission here or pick up prints, buttons and Stickers.

d.Vixie’s Art! - 0.18


She’s wonderfully versed in all things furry and pony – D.Vixie will bring a truckload of goodies for you at her table, including prints, buttons, pins and Stickers!

Dealerpony - 0.21-0.22


No matter what kind of official merch you are looking for, the Dealerpony is here to hook you up. Check out his area to see what he’s bringing this time!

Dori-to - 0.08


Creator of the one and only Silly Lyra, Dori-to is here to bring you all of his cartoony fun in the form of prints, buttons and shirts! You’d definitely be silly not to come and take a look.

Dormin Drawing is Magic - 1.73


GalaCon is incredibly happy to welcome Dormin as one of our special community guests this year! Visit her at her table to buy the printed books of her fancomic and find merch like prints and Shirts.

FluffyXai - 1.81


A fluffy guy drawing fluffy ponies – What else needs to be said? Check out Xai’s table and order a commission right there, or buy some of his cute prints and Stickers!

Geegbi - 0.3-0.4


At Geegbi’s table, you will find a variety of her adorable pony art in the form of prints, buttons and keychains! Be sure to say hi!

Gray the Zebra - 0.35-0.36


No matter the fabric or application, Gray can embroider it! You can find a big line of all sorts of embroidered goods for your home as well as printed shirts at his table.

Haselwoelfchen - 1.80


Can you ever have enough cuddly friends in your life? You certainly can’t! Be sure to check out Haselwoelfchen and her wonderful plushies at her table.

Haze Valley - 0.10


If you’ve always wanted to really play the role of a pony, Haze Valley can you get you there! Find fursuit heads and parts as well as plushies at this table and check out the transforming craftmanship!

Hearth’s Warming Con - 0.09


The wonderful people from Hearth’s Warming Con in the Netherlands have hosted good times for us before, maybe there is more in their future … ? Don’t be shy, say hi at their table and check out their con-related merch, such as prints, shirts and figurines!

HipsterOwlet - 1.84


From HipsterOwlet, you can expect soft plush cuties in all shapes and sizes! You’ll see Owlet’s wide array of skills on display with the plushies, art and cosplay accessories on offer.

IblisArt - 0.34

Iblis likes to swing his digital brush plenty and creates all sorts of stylish pony art for your enjoyment. You can find a variety of his work in print form at his table!

Lefays Creations - 0.16


Fully dedicated to cuteness of all kinds, Lefay offers all sorts of tooth-meltingly sweet plushies for you to see! Be sure to check out Lefays’ table and find plushies as well as prints, buttons, and Charms.

LyrasPlush - 1.80


Cute boopable snoots and adorable faces can be found at LyrasPlush’s table, because there you get – You guessed it! – a lot of plushies to see. Don’t wait, stop by!

M. Stephen Wintre - 0.02


Here, M. Stephen Wintre is the name and all sorts of pony works are the game! Cartoony art, lovely plushies, pillows, shirts and more can be found at this table.

Mad Plush Party - 0.07


Lan has been around the pony fandom quite a lot, and her wonderful skills and long time experience are on offer right at her table! Be sure to check out her plushies and embroidery art.

MePlushYou - 0.44


The name says it all – MePlushYou brings more plush into your life! From beanies to life size plush, Marlou has done it all. Find a sampling of MePlushYou’s skills right at her table!

Mimic Productions - 1.72


Fun pony art can be found right at Mimic’s table! Be sure to stop by for samples of her work and order a commission while you are at it.

Ministry of Image - 0.14


The pony fandom produces all sorts of beautifully written works, and Ministry of Image turn them into equally beautiful printed books! Find a variety of stories both classic and new at their table, and take home one of their hardcover Editions.

Muffinkarton - 1.72


Sadly, she will not be bringing muffins, but something that’s even better – Her stylish brand of pony art, plushies and other goodies! Say hi at Muffin’s table and enjoy her artistic skills.

My Little Ties - 0.41


Follow in Rarity’s hoofsteps and get some “haute couture” into your life – My Little Ties provides pony-themed silk ties, bow ties, accessories and pins! The right extra for your Gala Ball appearance, even? Be sure to check out these unique, fine wares.

Nana-Yuka - 0.33


Adorable furry characters, ponies and more are all right up Nana-Yuka’s wheelhouse! At her table, you will find a variety of art prints and some CCG Goodies.

Perrydotto - 1.83


Yes, this auctioneer also draws! At Perry’s little table, you can get prints, buttons and order a sketch commission right on the spot. Cheaper than auction items, guaranteed!

PiriPaints - 1.85-1.86


Drawing all sorts of characters in her signature anime style, PiriPaints’ is coming to bring you her work in buyable form! Stop by her table to check out art prints, buttons, figurines and pillows.

Ponies At Dawn - 1.67


A staple of the pony musician community for many years, Ponies At Dawn have made more than a dozen beautiful music compilations happen. They always deliver greatness to your ears, and now they are special community guests at GalaCon! Check out their table to pick up CDs as well as merch such as prints, shirts and Buttons.

Probby-King - 1.70


KingProbby’s a horse, of course, of course – And brings an array of self-created merch to GalaCon! Come to Probby’s table to order an art commission and check out plushies, keychains, phone covers and more.

rtry’s Custom Crafts - 1.65-1.66


Specialized in two equally creative areas, rtry is offering both his adorable pony plushies and his engraved glass art! You can always use more of both, so don’t forget to drop by his table.

Sadonax - 1.80


At Sadonax’ table, you can find adorable pony art made digitally and traditionally. This cuddly art style is worth your time to see, so be sure to say hello to Sadonax and have a look!

Sky Railroad - 0.42

Known for the card game Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder, this group of artists will bring you all sorts of merch in their fun, signature style. Check out their buttons, belt buckles, accesories, pillows and more!

Staphilea - 0.3-0.4


Why limit yourself to one or two crafts when you could do so many? Staphilea makes all sorts of cute goodies and will bring a bunch of them for sale. Examples include plushies, badges, embroidery, shirts and more!

steeph - 0.11-0.12


Harnessing the power of lasers, Steeph creates a lot of beautiful decorations for your home! Pony-themed LED lights and laser cut engravings in all sorts of designs have their chance to shine. You can’t miss this table!

Stray Cat - 1.79


It’s safe to say these creations are a 10 on the cuteness scale – Stray Cat’s chibi plushies come in many adorable animal forms. You’ll definitely want to bring at least one home!

Sugar Oranges Pony ID Cards - 0.51-0.52

Here is something you definitely don’t have yet – Your very own pony-themed ID card! Find that and other accessories such as prints, buttons, mugs and more at Sugar Orange’s table.

Sweetcream - 1.68-1.69


What do you want? Pony art! Where do you get it? At Sweetcream’s table! Be sure to check out Sweetcream’s unique prints, buttons, bags and more!

Sweetie Bot Project - 1.74-1.75


“Beep boop. I am Sweetie Bot.” Turning Sweetie Belle into an adorable robot that can give hoofbumps, why not? This group of dedicated engineers and DIY enthusiasts is more than happy to show off their prototypes and educate in all things robot Engineering!

the smol shop - 0.20


Maybe smol, but no less sweet – At the smol shop you can find adorable printed artwork, buttons and traditional work! Make sure not to overlook this table!

Time, Love and Couture - 0.06


These works definitely receive a lot of time, love and couture – It takes no less to make beautiful sculptures and figurines like Shuxer! Pictures cannot do their detail justice, so do yourself a favor and stop by Shuxer’s table in Person.

Torben Goldmunds Art N Prints - 0.31-0.32


If it exists, Torben can print it – Onto fabrics and products of all kinds! His wares include but are not limited to prints, buttons, tableware, home accessories, pillows and more!

VaaChar - 1.76-1.77


Can you ever have enough pony stuff in your life? Truly you cannot. That’s just one of many reasons to check out VaaChar and their big array of pony merch! Find 3D printed works, prints, and much more here.

Varonya - 1.78


Turning adorable 2D into adorable 3D for your cuddling needs, Varonya is bringing a big pile of handmade chibi plushies and other goodies to GalaCon! Stop by her table and say hi!

Vederlicht Art - 0.43


Adorable and detailed fantasy art made with finesse, what more could you ask for? Vederlicht’s unique style shines in the prints, buttons, charms and other items right at their vendor table

Violet Rose Stitches & Sews - 0.19


All of Rarity’s lessons about stitching and style are definitely with Violet Rose and her crafts! Find adorable plushies, cosplay accessories and more at her table.

Waffle Wishes - 1.64


This circle of skilled artists is particularly known for their body pillow offerings, but that’s not all – At their table, you will also find prints, plushies, shirts, keychains and more!

Zita - 1.71


Well versed with furries and ponies alike, Zita’s skills cover all sorts of artistic endeavours. Her table features prints, buttons, stickers and more!