GalaCon 2022 Volunteer Sign-Up

For GalaCon 2022, we’re again looking for volunteers that will help us make GalaCon the event of the year! GalaCon will be held on 30th & 31st July 2022 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, with preparations starting on 29st July. As a rough guideline, volunteers should expect to be working about half of the convention time, and as part of their compensation receive free entry as attendees for the remainder of the time.

We offer several team categories, and we strongly recommend that you apply to at least two or three of them. Some categories can be quite popular, and all categories have varying requirements for the volunteers. It’s also possible that some volunteers will need to perform in more than one role/category during the weekend, based on need.

Here’s where we’re looking for help:

Floor and Entrance Guards
This team will watch the entrances and floors, check the visitor tickets at the entrances, and keep an eye on the entrance queues on Saturday. People will also ask you for directions or help during the convention.
Panel Room Guards
This team will assist at the panels, keep an eye on the visitors, watch for appropriate behaviour, keep prohibited food and drink out of panel areas, guide visitors to the microphone at Q&A sessions, and pre-screen their questions.
Gala Guards
This team will keep an eye on the Gala Ball evening event, enforce the dress code where needed, and watch the entries to the Gala Ball. Team members at the Gala Ball need to follow the dress code.
Disco Guards
This team will keep an eye on the party evening event, maintaining the general order, safety and appropriate behaviour during the DJ performances.
Reception / Info desk Team
This team staffs the ticket office on Saturday morning as well as the volunteer and vendor registration on Friday, hands out goodie items and sells merch at the info desk, and provides general info and help to the visitors at the info desk and ticket office throughout the whole weekend.
Vendor Assistants
This team will watch the hallways where the vendor tables are placed. They will also assist the vendors where possible, temporarily guarding vendor tables as needed, and performing services like getting food and drinks for the vendors from the caterer.
Game Room Assistants
This team will assist or operate gaming activity rooms like karaoke, dance games, computer games or card games, as well as activity games both outside and inside the venue, such as Buckball. They make sure the visitors enjoy their time, and nothing gets broken or stolen. If you are part of this team, help with supplying equipment is very appreciated!
Documentation & Streaming Team
This team does the video and photo recording of the whole event and the livestream in the main hall. You already have experience with video,audio or broadcasting gear, or a general interest in those subjects? Then this team is for you! Tasks include camera operating, video mixing and more. Ideally you are even able to contribute your own video or broadcasting equipment.
Tech Team
The tech team will manage quite some portion of the technical equipment, like microphones and projectors, help with musical equipment at the evening events, and will work together with the technical venue staff. They help panelists and VIPs to set up their equipment and ensure smoothly running events from a technical aspect. Having experience with event tech equipment and/or IT stuff isn’t strictly necessary on this team, but would be a big plus.

Aside from general members of the tech team, we are also looking for volunteers in the following specific areas:

Sound Engineer

  • Knows how to operate audio mixers (analog/digital)
  • Supportive and communicative attitude
  • Stress resistant
  • Operating a two-way radio

You will be in charge of the sound equipment in panel rooms. You make sure that microphones and speakers are set up correctly as well as the presentation equipment of the panelists. In the evening you are responsible for supporting the forum staff at setting up and mixing bands or managing the DJs at the GalaParty.

When applying, please select “Tech Team” as team and mention in the free text area that you are applying as a sound engineer.

Plushie Team
The plushie team will run the PlushieCon, a large exhibition of plushies provided by our visitors for the duration of the convention. Team members will handle registration, handling and return of the plushies, requiring extreme caution and responsibility when caring for the valuable plushies. On Sunday, we will need some extra helping hands to make sure every plushie is returned safe and sound!
Signing Session Team, VIP Team
Working closely to the VIPs, that would be the dream, right? That’s why we reach out to you directly if we think you’re the perfect person for this job. Directly applying for these teams is not possible, since we have to maintain a professional and safe environment for our special guests.
 To apply as a volunteer, fill out the form below:
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Alternatively, send an email to volunteer(at)pony-events.eu (preferably in English).

The convention’s main language is English, so you should be able to talk to people in English – Don’t worry, most visitors won’t be native English speakers either. As long as you can hold an everyday conversation in English and communicate things to people adequately, you’ll be fine.

Due to the strict youth labor regulations on weekends, volunteers need to be over 18 years old to be accepted.

Although not strictly required, we would greatly appreciate it if you can arrive on Friday to help with setup, meet your fellow volunteers and team leads and get to know the location. This is especially helpful if you’re a first-time volunteer!

Volunteering means working while others have fun, that is the main trade-off to consider. But it’s not all work and no play – As compensation, you’ll get free entry to the event in your off-hours, we’ll provide you with snacks and water, there will be a VIP signing session exclusively for volunteers, and possibly more goodies if we can make them happen! Above all, you’ll get to contribute meaningfully in a very real way to the biggest Friendship is Magic convention in Europe, and make this event possible!

Also note that we cannot provide any accommodation or meals, make sure you have a place to stay overnight. Budget hotels and hostels in the area will be booked out early.

All information that you provide will be treated with utter respect and will be kept strictly confidential to the team, and as needed, to the volunteer leaders. Your information will only be used for internal purposes at GalaCon, after which everything provided will be deleted. All data handling will be in full compliance with §4 BDSG.

After applying, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your application. Later on, we will let you know whether you have been accepted as a GalaCon volunteer. This may take some time, as we collect applications first.
If you’ve ordered a regular ticket and get accepted as a volunteer later on, we will of course give you a refund – Be sure to contact us about this as soon as you can.