GalaCon 2020 volunteers sign-up

For GalaCon 2020, we’re once again looking for volunteers that will help us make GalaCon once again the event of the year. GalaCon will be held on 1th-2nd August 2020 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, with preparations starting on 31st July. Volunteers will, as a guideline, work roughly half the convention time, and as compensation will have free entry the remaining time.

We’re offering several team categories, and we strongly suggest to apply for at least two or three of them. Some will be quite popular, others have high demands. Some volunteers may also be assigned to different teams at different times.

Here’s where we’re searching for help:

Floor and Entrance Guards
This team will watch the entrances and floors, check the visitor tickets at the entrances, and keep an eye on the entrance queues on Saturday. People will also ask you for directions or help.
Panel Room Guards

This team will assist at the panels, keeping an eye on the visitors, make sure they behave, do not eat or drink where not permitted, guide visitors to the microphone at Q&A sessions, and pre-check their questions.
Gala Guards
This team will keep an eye on the Gala Ball evening event, keeping an eye on the dress code, and watch the entries to the Gala Ball. Team members at the gala event need to follow the dress code.
Disco Guards
This team will keep an eye on the disco evening event, checking that people at the disco will behave.
Reception / Info desk Team
This team handles the ticket offices on Saturday morning, the volunteer and vendor registration on Friday, hands out extras and sells merch at the info desk, and provides general info and help to the visitors at the info desk and ticket office throughout the whole weekend.
Vendor Assistants
This team will watch the hallways where the vendor tables are placed. They will also assist the vendors where possible, temporarily guarding vendor tables, and doing services like getting food and drinks for the vendors from the caterer.
Game Room Assistants
This team will assist or operate gaming activity rooms like Karaoke, dance games, computer games or card games, as well as fun activity games outside or inside like Buckball and more. Make sure the visitors enjoy their time, and nothing gets broken or stolen. Bringing equipment is very welcome!
Documentation Team
This team does the video and photo documentation of the whole event, closely working together with the live streaming team. We’re looking especially for people with filming experience. Members should be experienced in handling video/audio or photo equipment, and ideally can bring their professional equipment with them.
Tech Team
The tech team will operate some of the technical equipment, like microphones and projectors, help with musical equipment at the evening events, and will work together with the technical venue staff personnel.
Plushie Team
The plushie team will run the PlushieCon, a large exhibition of the plushies of our visitors. Team members will handle registration, handling and return of the plushies, requiring extreme caution and responsibility when caring for the valuable plushies of our visitors. On Sunday, we will need some extra helping hands!
Signing Session Team, VIP Team
Working closely to the VIPs, you all want that, right? That’s why we contact you if we think you’re made for that job. Directly applying for these teams is not possible.


To apply for volunteering, fill out Alternatively, send an email to volunteer(at)galacon.eu (preferably in english).

Convention language is English, so you should be able to talk to people in English – don’t worry, most visitors won’t be native English speakers either. Due to the strict youth labor regulations on weekends, volunteers need to be over 18 years old to be accepted.

Although not strictly required, we would greatly appreciate it if you can arrive on Friday to help setting up the con, meet your fellow helpers and superiors and get to know the location. Especially if you’re a first-time volunteer!

Volunteering means working while others have fun, you should be aware of that. As compensation, you’ll get free entry in your off-hours, we’ll provide some snacks and water, there will be a signing session exclusively for volunteers, and maybe we can arrange some more extras for you. And of course you’ll be part of the largest European convention of the year!

Also note that we cannot provide any accommodation or meals, make sure you have some place to stay overnight. Budget hotels and hostels will be booked out early.

All informations that you provide will be treated with utter respect and will be kept strictly confidential to the team, and as needed, to the volunteer leaders. They will only be used for internal purposes at GalaCon, after which they will be deleted. All data handling will be in full compliance with §4 BDSG.

After applying, we will contact you soon that we received your application. Later on, we will let you know whether you will be accepted as GalaCon volunteer. This may take some time, as we collect applications first. To get an overview of the current status of the volunteer applications, or if you think some mail may got lost, check the volunteer thread at eurobronies.org.
If you’ve ordered a regular ticket and get accepted as a volunteer later on, we will of course give you a refund.